October 18, 2008

On the path to recovery!

I am so excited that recovery is finally here! Last and final surgery was completed on the 14th and here I am waiting to be healed up. The physical therapist says her goal is to have me walking in 3 weeks. She says if I find myself able to walk more in the boot to do so cause she says she can easily wing me off it . I been trying to move around as much that is tolerant on my foot. My own goal is to be rid of the wheel chair in a week and a half.

I made a list of stuff to get myself to the new me. I asked my husband I want to bring out the desk that is in the back room and set up my crafting station. I love making things, it is what makes me happy and stress free. Not to mention Christmas is coming up and I love to make things for my friends and family.

Next I want to make a calendar and put some fun activities for my girls so once I am able to drive we will no longer be coped in the house on those fun weekends. We are going to have fun!

I also want to be able to start working out once I get the okay from the doc for certain excersices. I want to get my energy level back up were it use to be and get fit. Cause I know being unable to walk and stuff for 3 months put some unwanted pounds on so that must go cause if and when we win our court case (sueing the mobile home park for their neglecence of the stair that resulted in my injury) I want to treat myself in wardrobe change...get out of these large tshirts and sweatpants.

So THis will be great and exciting.

October 1, 2008

rushing for perfection

Well lets start of on why I did not write anything last night. I was overtired, mentally and physically exhausted and angry.

The day started of okay. I am at the point of getting over the fact that I have to wheel myself to the bus stop for lillian. It helps me out with getting fit and seeing my child off. As well it gives me a boost of energy in the morning to get the house cleaned. I am happy that I can put weight on my leg so at home I will park my chair in the corner and just hobble around to get things done.

So anyway back to my story for yesterday. I got home and started cleaning when my best buddie Jullian called and said she will come over. I was excited. Since I cant drive I am unable to see her unless she visits me. She brought over coffee and we talked and joked around. Then she said "You want to come over to my house?" I was like "really?" So I decided to just bring my crutches and not bother her with the wheel chair since it was just her house.

We got there I left the crutches in the car and challenge myself to walk into her house. And I did it! We hung out till about noon and she took me and Emma home after she bought us some yummy tacobell.

I took a nap with Emma and woke up refreshed and energized. When Matt got home we were ready to go to the store for our grocery shopping. So with new found confidence I wanted to challenge myself again. I told him I didnt want to bring either my crutches or chair that I wanted to walk from the car to the entrance to the area where they have the scooters. Well we got there and guess what! They didnt have any available. Matt did his best to find one but no go. So he said he could take me home and do the shopping himself. In my mind I am like NOOOO! I dont want to go back home I wanted out of the house. So I told him let me push the basket and I will use that to walk. So for a whole hour I walked at Walmart. :D I wasnt in agonizing pain. Just a bit discomfort.

But I was really proud of myself and happy!

Well anyway lets get to the angry part. As you see why I would be exhausted. It was 11pm and I was ready for bed and wanted Matt to go with me. Most of the time I just go to sleep and he will be in the living room playing his game and fall asleep and then be cranky the next day. So I thought it would good for him to come to bed with me so A. I can cuddle up with him cause I am sick and I hurt. B. He can get a deceit night sleep and C. I just miss having him go to bed at the same time with me. Well he told me he would be there in a few minutes and it turned to an hour and I got so mad I yelled at him. We both argued and I usually just smoke one smoky before I go to sleep but this I smoked 4 smokes cause I was so angry and stressed out. I finally calmed myself down enough to fall asleep.

The next morning after he gets home in the morning from P.T , me and Emma were napping on the sofa. He bent down and gave me a kiss and told me he was sorry about what had happened.

So all is well now.

Today nothing really big happen. Just a normal day. I had the girls play outside for a half hour and it worked out in my benefit cause Emma was ready for sleep at 7 and was out in 3 mins. Lillian was out in 10. So I did good!

well thats it kidos!

September 29, 2008

I need some asprin!

Well I am back home from the world of chaos. My mom can really make you miserable when you think You couldn't get any more miserable. But that is another blog to write later. While there I caught a cold/flu/bug and I am still sick. It really irritating. My head feels like its ten times bigger than it should be, my nose cant make up its mid if it wants to be stuffy or drip everywhere and my throat hurts. I been going to bed really early...about this time 943pm. Tonight thu I fell asleep while putting Emma to sleep at 7pm. I woke up about nine going whoa! I had to take meds and to my nightly ritual of bathroom, teeth brushed, getting Emma a bottle prepared for the night ect.

I am getting a bit hungry but I will be stubborn and ignore it cause after I am done here I will check boards on co&k and get myself in bed. I have no choice but to wheel myself to Lillian's bus stop in the morning since Matthew got stuck with extended p.t in the mornings. You want to know how difficult it is to wheel up hill with a five year trying to struggle pushing you and a one year old that is on your lap. grrr! I tried contacting the school and Matthew's first Sargent for help but no one has gotten back to me or tried to see about helping us. I am also trying to get Emma enrolled on base for daycare since I found out that the army offers a certain amount of free day care hours I thought it would be best for her to be around kids her age to play instead of sitting here bored since mommy can not play the way I could. Also since my upcoming surgery will be soon it would be good for me to recover quickly since I don't know if they are going to let Matt have the time off.

Well thats enough of me babbling off to bed I go. later gaters

September 20, 2008


Today I got some of the laundry done and making my list for mine and the girls stay at my mom's while Matthew is in the field. I hope I don't forget anything. I will bring my laptop with me in hopes my brother's will let me share the net. But if you guys don't see me much throughout the week you know why. I should return home on Friday evening. That is the day I go for my physical therapy. I been walking more on my foot today...not the best but trying. I will hobble from the kitchen to the laundry room. The hallway to the bathroom. So I am excited!

After my show is over I am jumping in the shower before I fall asleep tonight. We did a good cleaning in the livin room. We watched Speed Racer movie and ate dinner together in the living room. It was nice. We got the girls in bed at 8 so I am hoping for some sleep in-age. lol

Well back to the world of the sci fi channel!

September 19, 2008

boy, I am tired

Today went by very quickly. The day didn't start as I hope for since I thought Matthew wasn't going to sick call till after 7am. With that I woke up did my normal routine in getting Lillian ready for school and I went to go wake up him in the room(i slept with the girls, trying to get Emma to stay in her bed) and moved the bundle of blanket thinking it was him and notice he wasn't there. Omg! So that meant he went to sick call much earlier and I was freaking out thinking she wasn't going to make it to her bus. So I had no choice but to get dress and Emma. I wheeled myself down the drive way which is like a slope and down the street which is nothing but a up hill...all while keeping Emma from moving so much cause I did not want her to fall off me and hurt herself. I had Lillian help me as much as she could by pushing me up that hill and we made it. She got on her bus and we went home. Usually I get Emma down for a morning nap at 9am but since she woke up at 6am and that much exercise in such little time I decided for early napage.

We slept good for 2 hours. I heard Matthew come in at 930 but I didn't bother talking to him till I knew I was rested. Because I was angry that he didn't leave a not or bother to call me.

The rest of the day he stayed in bed which is okay cause I knew he was sick. I cleaned up the living room and the kitchen. I made mini pizzas for dinner out of biscuits, prego and the left over taco meat from last night...yes I put cheese on them..yum!

When it came time for bed Lillian became very onry and when she began to talk back to me not once but 3 times I sent her to bed early. My new task was to wear out Emma by myself. I opened the back door and let her loose lol. I let her play for 30 mins and washed her up and put her in bed. I thought she was almost asleep when POOF she was sitting up wanting to play.

That is when I called in reinforcements...her daddy. I took her to him in the living room and she was out in 20 mins leaving mommy feeling relaxed.

With my mommy free time I took some pics of me and Matthew for his parents who are out of town with family and they wanted updated pics of us. I also made a fantastic phone charm that matched great with my purple phone. I tried taking pics of it but of course just like taking pics of my jewelry I made did not come out the way I wanted.

But anyway tomorrow I have to get things ready for our stay at my parents while Matthew is in the field. Enjoy the dorky pics below. Later gaters

September 18, 2008

wow what a day!

Its 8:25pm and so far it is quiet in the Haggard Household. Last night was difficult to get any rest and I had that medication that the doc gave me to help me too. One of the meds made me feel really nauseated. Not to mention Emma came in the room at 3:30am and wanted to play. I can not wait till she sleeps through out the night and stay in bed. Once I got her to lay down on the mattress that is next to our bed before I knew it she was up again and I just went ahead and got myself up. I got Lillian up, dressed, fed and ready for school.

I notice Matthew hadn't got up for P.T and figured he probably got a call saying he didn't need too. Once I got Lillian ready I woke him up and notice he was not feeling good at all. After he took Lillian to her bus stop I got his phone and called his squad leader to let him know that he wasn't feeling well. He told me he should of called earlier to let him know and that he has to go to the e.r to get notification of his failure to appear at formation this morning. So I got Matthew up again and told him he had to go.

Once he left I wanted to see if Emma would take a nap so I could get some sleep. But she fought with me till in the end I prevailed and we slept a good 2 hours. It was a good thing I logged into myspace cause I saw my sister-in-law's status about it being early out. I didn't know it was early out so I quickly hunted for the school calendar and saw it was. It was already noon and I called the school to see what time they released which was an hour later and Matthew was still at the hospital. I hit the panic button cause I had to figure out how to get me and Emma to the bus stop but the last time I tried to wheel myself there with Emma on me I almost skidded and lost traction which I was afraid that Emma would flip out of my arms.

So I called my mom which was a good thing that she was leaving the college from picking up my brother and she picked Lillian up from school. So heart failure was prevented. lol

Matthew finally came home and he was cranky as heck. He was snappy at all of us including the dog so finally went to his room so I took care of the household as usual. This time I readjusted our routine. I started dinner at 5 instead of 430.

I made tacos for dinner and for dessert we had ice cream sandwiches. Yummy! Also while cooking I used my crutches. *high five* We took our time eating and then I got them in a bubble bath at 630. I let them play for 20 mins and got them out. It was almost 7 which is bed time during the school week. But instead I let Lillian watch some of her cartoon for a little bit while Emma played in the room. When it was time for bed it took Emma 30 mins to fall asleep unlike Lillian was out in 10.

Here is the good part! Instead of wheeling myself out of the room I stood up and used the wheelchair as a walker and hobled out of the room and to the sofa! Yayaya Go me! I then grabbed my crutches and tried to see how much more weight I could put on my leg. I am excited that I can get out of my wheelchair for small tasks!

Well that is or was my day. Now I am laying on the sofa relaxing. Let see how long this silence will last but I have my hopes up. Good night guys! Tomorrow is Friday. :D

September 17, 2008

Bed Time

There so cute at bed time :D After bath time depending on the time they will play in the play room for a little bit and then we will read a story. I wont just read I would either have Lillian "read" the story to us and we are trying to get Emma to do the same lol. They can be a handful at times but everyone has their moments. I can not wait to get out of this wheelchair so I can take them to the park, take lillian to her bus stop and have fun. I feel like such a bad mommy that I can not do all these things with them. I do plan on making it up to them. If and when I win my court case we are all going to sea world or somewhere where they can just run around and play. :D I love you my little ladies.

Sisters forever!

Lillian in the traditional "peace" pose. :D

Awww she reading her book...and Lillian not fast enough to get in the picture. lol

I cant believe how big she is getting and she will be two in November. Crazy!

Lillian loves taking pictures.

Emma over here yelling "CHEESE!" LOL

Here is Emma and Lillian cheezing away.

Also I want to do a honorable mention. A great friend of mine from Cutoutandkeep
made me this fantastic collection of logos for my upcoming online store. Michelle G. is the person to go if you want some logos designed for your amazements. Thanks again Michelle!

With that said Its time for a bit of shut eye. See ya all tommorow.

Back from a long unwanted break

Okay..its been along time since I been blogging. Well the last entry you saw I was working really hard on my cosplay for the anime expo. Bad news. I was not able to go since July 13 I fell down and broke my leg and ankle...which resulted in surgery and me in a wheelchair. I go in for my final surgery on Oct. 14. of this year. So I hope to get out of this thing soon and get walking.

I am bringing my blog back up since I been overwhelmed with alot of unfinished projects. So this should relieve some of the stress and anxiety that is taking over my life at the moment.

I went to see my doctor for a follow up and she decided to test me for a few things. Blood work was under way and my poor arm..Ow..I should be use to being poked with needles by now lol.

But anyway the doc says I have depression and anxiety probs. So they got me on zolof and something to help me sleep at night. I am also suppose to write out lists and concentrate on just a few things on the list so its not overwhelming me.

So we will give this a try and I hope to get support from my family and friends.

Sugar Coated Chaos is back up and running.

July 10, 2008

the arm guards are done!!!

As you can see I finally put my brain on overtime and did it, I finished with my arm guards!! I took the two top panels off my daughter's diaper box and shaped it with an exacto knife. I took some white masking tape and covered the the parts that I didnt want the brand of diapers to show. Then I took some knee high white panty hose and doubled it on both. Lastly I drew the kanji for health and life at the bottoms. :D ya ya ya!!! Oh and I hot glued the elastic on the bottom. :D All I have left is to work on the belt and pouches for the cosplay. :D

July 9, 2008

Lillian got her ears pierced

OH YAYAYA! Finally going in for the third time getting her ears pierced. This time she came to me and been asking for them to be done for 3 months now. Since we had the money I decided to take her to the mall to get them done. I told her if she wanted them done that she had to sit on the chair herself and when the someone came to us to see what we wanted she was already asking them for ear piercing. So as she sat I filled out the paper work while the lady was getting ready. I asked Lillian one last time and she said "lets do this!" and she did, she only cringed at the sound of the gun but no crying. When she saw in the mirror that she had earrings she was smile ear to ear! In fact I was the one in tears cause I was so proud of Lillian being so brave. I will post pics soon. She is in bed now exhausted.

I am still exhausted from yesterday and today but I did get some crafting supplies and cant wait to start working on them. Maybe tomorrow night since Matthew is shooting pool. I just need to get the energy to get the kitchen organized. Later gaters.

July 7, 2008

click to add your own title...ha did you really click it

okay this is attempt number 3 on writing on this stupid thing. First time my browser frozed and died and this time my computer wanted to shut down. Lets start again

I got to sleep in 8am usually Emma wakes up at 630-7am. I was glad she let me sleep in. It was long over due. I made me and the girls pancakes, hash browns and bacon for breakfast. We didnt have any syrup so I sprinkled some sugar and cinnomon and it was yummy.

Afterwards me and the girls played till was morning nap time for Emma. Thats when I found out I was asked to write a part in the online magazine Snippets from cutoutandkeep.net. I was excited. I did my research on cleaning tips with non chemicals. It was really fun and I turned in my rough draft.

I woke Emma from her nap and we made nutella sandwiches with cheetos. Not the healthiest lunch but the yummiest. We got all cleaned up and headed to my parents. Matthew was in bed the whole day either sleeping or playing on his computer. Which kinda depressed me cause it seems like every time he does have time off to spend with us he either is hurt or sleeping or distracted with computer things.

Mom and Dad ordered pizza for us for dinner while we were there and on the way home it rained. When we got home Matthew was leaving. Which he had no problem waking up and getting out to shoot pool. o.o'

I put the girls to bed and I made brownies and I made two shrink dink necklaces that turned out great! Look!!This one I drew off by looking at the screen. We dont have a printer so I think I did pretty darn good. I didnt want to waste the left over shrink plastic so I cut them in odd shapes and colored them. Now I have left overs for future projects.

This is a cute kawii kitty that is just on a simple chain. Pur-fect!

July 6, 2008

Ice cream, ribbon, and hair oh my!

Today I took the girls out to DQ and we got lunch and Ice cream. Yummy. We then went to walmart and got some supplies for my cosplay outfit.

I made the 2 kunai out of foam board and I used the same technique with the mask to make them. :D Pretty neat! I also adjusted the foot socks and wrapped the bandages on my legs to see how it looks as well as how it feels.

The arm guards I think we will go through the sports goods and pick up some arm guards and spray paint them.

The vest I added D rings and added ribbon since its Texas and I know it will be to hot for a cloak or a scarf so the ribbon will be for the flowing effect. I will add pics of that tomorrow.

I am also adding pics of my cute hair that my best friend did yesterday. She colored and cut it herself and the hair cutting was her first time. She did a great job and I love it. But anywho I am tired so I am going to get some sleep.

July 5, 2008

its almost done

As you can see I am on my way of finishing my costume for the anime expo that is coming to our town from July 18-20. I decided on the anbu. I found all of this in my closet. I modified a dress up long sleeve blouse to the white vest. The black shirt I have many as well as black pants. I ramage through my fabric pile and found this burgundy stretchy goodness and made the arm gloves, and the sock that I will be wearing with my black flip flops. The mask I cut out of a pizza box and used artist masking tape over it with pillow stuffing underneath to give it some dimension and then used acrylic paints.
I have more too do but this is what I have came up with in the last two days. I need ideas for the arm guards and I want to decorate the vest with something . My brother is going to let me use one of his headbands that he has in his collection to go with it.

I am happy with the results :D If anyone has any ideas to help me out send me a line or two. Thanks guys!

July 2, 2008

time and time again

Oi, so sorry for the short delay. Not even sure if anyone reads this or not. I am not feeling very well. I am currently running a temp of 100.1. No biggie, I am sure its nothing. Flu probably. I been so tired lately and I seem like I cant shake this stupid headache away. NO I am not pregnant. I been on birth control for a good long time. It just has to be the flu, my body aches so bad. As soon as I am finish with this I am going to take a pm and get to sleep and hope that I feel better in the morning.

Lillian is at mom's tonight. They were trying to get the pool cleaned so it would be ready for swimming tomorrow. Good news my mom's court hearing was settle out of court and she is getting a good sum of money. So that is good news.

Emma was exhausted when we got home. But I made sure she had some grub in her belly before putting her to bed. It was really cute she took her bologna and bit a whole in the middle. She looked through it with one eye at me and I couldn't help but laugh. It was really cute.

For my mom's bday I made her a cute cupcake sewing bag. It was a big hit, she loved it.

She didn't waste no time putting her stuff in the bag. Next I am going to make her a needle wallet to keep all her pins and needles in. I will keep you posted on that. :D

One bad thing about having a husband who has a strong mind and use to taking care of himself, he isn't prone to knowing when his wife is sick or not feeling well. Like today I been hurting and exhausted I come home and he expects me to make dinner and got mad at me cause I didn't take the pizzas out of the oven like he thought I did. The simplest task that I could do on my own just cause my body to shudder with needles cause that is how it felt. I even asked him to take the DVD out of the player when the movie was over and did he...no. His logic was it could stay there till we put another one in. This is really getting to me. I haven't did the dishes since yesterday morning and still he wont help with that. He thinks since he has to work seven days a week he can be except from all duties at home. Yes this is a vent session. I am feeling slightly better for now that its off my mind.

I just need to find a job and get myself feeling like I am independent again cause I miss it. I am going to start putting money away so I have a girls fund for my girls.
So like if its the weekend and there is nothing to do I can be like "GIRLS DAY OUT" and we can go to the movies or to the zoo. So that's the plan. I finished the background check for the PX so I hope I hear something from them soon.

But other than that things are caught up for now. Weather's been hotter than hot. So I guess that's it for now. talk to you all laters.

June 29, 2008

One of them days...

Today was one of those unbearable days where you just want it done and gone. We are out of everything and I am thinking of waiting till mid night to see if our paycheck came in and go to the store and get what we need so I can have a warm breakfast for everyone. I do have to admit it, I did good on stretching on what we had left.

Lillian had stayed the night at her friend's house and when she got home my brother took her and Emma to moms to go swimming. Which helped me get the house clean and got some quiet time. I even got some ingredient together and made sugar cookies.
I wish Matt was in a better mood. I let him sleep till noon and then he took a nap at 130 till 5pm. I should of let him sleep cause he was really unbearable to hang around. He didn't have any patience with me or the girls and got mad cause He had to do the kitchen. Which I had started and I needed him to finish cause he's been telling me for the past couple of days he would do it. I hate talking to him when he is cranky and short tempered. So I ignored him the rest of the evening and eventually he went back to the room and I am guessing he is asleep. I really hate it when he acts that way but if he is like that all the time there is no way in heck I will stay around so its a good thing its just once in awhile he is like that.

I am hoping I get a job soon, I am sure that will relieve some stress. I am looking around for another place to live, our lease will be up in August and I need to find something that isn't going to cost us more than we are supposedly "saving". I am considering on Copperas Cove, some of the places there are actual houses and the same price we pay a month. It would be close to Fort Hood and it will benefit Matt going to work and When I get a job on post it would be easier.
I am just unsure of the safety, crime rate, and schools there. I am not really to familiar where some streets are.

But any who I did may a cute little wallet. :D

I think I did a good job with doing the pattern myself and using red felt and scrap fabric. I might be adding a little bit of embellishment. But not bad. Also Charlie did a good job being the background model dontcha agree. lol. Well I think thats it for now. Its after 10pm and its nice and quiet. I think I will make me some coffee to keep myself awake for my little mission tonight :D Later gaters.

June 28, 2008

job hunting is depressing

well I found out that the way I budget for our bills and stuff is not going as well as I hoped. So I have no choice but to buckle down under the pressure of todays failed economy and find a job. I been applying online at several locations and what is making me annoyed is the "assessment" test. I answer honestly but apparently its not good enough and I am penalized for it. I have great leadership and management skills but of course thats isnt enough is it.
My husband is in the military and he told me if I applied at AFFESS I should be able to get a position with them soon because I am a spouse of a military branch.
So I hope I get something soon cause IF I really think about it I am ready to return to the workforce and it would be great to bring home some money to help with bills and have extra for special treats for my girls.
According to the website I should hear a reply from them in 3-5days so I hope I hear something soon. Next on my worry list is finding someone to watch my daughters. I could employ my brothers to watch them and depending on my pay I will pay them this way they will have like a summer job. Once school starts back up Lillian will be fine and I just need to find day care for Emma. So wish me luck guys cause I will be needing it.

June 27, 2008

cupcakes and things

well I thought I would add some projects that I am been working on :D I am sure you guys will enjoy some of these projects.
this one is a pillow and two bean bag set that I made for my niece as well as the orange flower clip that I made for her.

The white felt envelope I made out of white felt and did the blanket stitch and added a couple of buttons for the closure.

The two cute plushies you see-which I love- were done in an 20 minute each. The cup cake one I made for a swap and I hope my swap buddy will love it. The coffee one was inspired by one of my buddies on cutoutandkeep.

I really had alot of fun with all these and these were recent projects I also made a "sexy box" out of my cell phone box. lol.

Not sure what I will put in the box but I will find something. :D

crafting is fun

I must tell you the most fun thing about crafting is having the right organized chaos to do so! And Here is my happy organized chaos below :D

See how lovely my new organization for my crafting. My hubby brought this home one day from work and I love it. I got to go through a bunch of boxes, drawers ect and fill up one of these cabinets with all my goodies. Not to mention I dont really need to restock on certain items since I can always see where everything is. :D.
This comes in handy since my store is finally open online :D the site for that is here.
Check it out periodicly cause I will be adding more when I can. I am also a member at www.cutoutandkeep.net be sure to sign up there if you are a fellow crafter, I must say there are alot of creative ppl there and we would love to see you as well! I love it there, alot of ppl to bounche off ideas! well thats it for this entry I need to catch up on this thing. Dont worry I will be using this more often. :D

April 5, 2008

oh la la

Today is one of those lazy saturdays. I cleaned the house as much for today. I think once Emma wakes up from her nap we will go to the store for some milk and something easy to cook for us tonight since Matt will be in dallas tonight. What sucks is the ac wont work. Not good at all since its hot outside.
The last few days been busy. Payday equals bills being paid and I had a doctor's appointment that found out I had high blood pressure. So I have take the 40 minute drive to the doctors for the next five days to have it checked before they decide to put me on meds. So Ya very exciting. Blah!
but anyway I think I need to log into my game to see how my guild mates are doing since i been busy and havent been on. I play world of warcraft and I am the leader of the guild so ya. Its been fun , played for a little over a year now and I think I am ready to let go. lol but we will see. any who laters!

March 31, 2008

raining day in the neighborhood

Well todays is a gloomy day compared to the nice sunny day that we had yesterday. A friend of mine called to meet her at the park so the kids can play. So we were able to get out for a bit. The girls had a blast. Lillian fed the ducks as Emma and Jade watched with amusement. AFter it was all done me and the girls went to my parents for some bbq! Yum! That night after i got girls in bed I watched the Saw 3-4 movies...by myself (hubby went fishing) freaky, is all i have to say about those movies.
Today I been attacking the house to get it cleaned and smelly fresh. I am a freak when it comes to smells, if I smell a slightest of ucky-ness I must get rid of it. Emma is napping and I am waiting for the dryer so i can reload washer. In a few minutes I am going to clean the carpet in the living room and perhaps take out my paints and do some wall art for my living room. Cant wait till payday, after bills are paid I can see what i have extra so I can go to sam's and pick up some stuff for at least a couple of months. This way it will save money. I hope.
Just out of curiosity anyone have any money saving ideas/tips you would like to share. I would love to hear them :D any who time to go!


March 30, 2008


Good morning, its Sunday.
I like Sundays. Every Sunday I love to make my family a home cooked morning meal. I made pancakes, bacon and hash browns for kids and since the hubby had to work this morning i made him a mushroom/cheese omelet sandwich. Its only 9am and I am thinking of being very productive today. The girls are watching their playhouse Disney while I did some research about Sea world. I want to take the girls their this summer, I don't want a boring summer where we are not active. With the husband in the military we should get some type of discount so I need him to go to the ITR after work this week and get some info cause if all plans well we will go in June. That's if the husband doesn't come up with an excuse cause he "doesn't feel like it". Oi vey!
Yesterday we got rid of the glider and now have more room in the living room so i think i am going to move the reader's desk into the empty spot in the living room to open up the dining area a bit. I also went and cut my sister in law's hair yesterday. I think I did a good job. Her hair is very long and she wanted to try out the sweep away bangs that are in style now and give her some choppy layers, and I it came out perfect. I am going to try to grow my hair out a bit more, its at my shoulders now but with the wave in my hair it looks shorter unless i straighten. But if i get it past my shoulders i will try the layer cut, I was pondering the bangs idea but i clipped my hair with a clip for a day to see if i would like my hair being short there and when i showed my hubby he laughed at me and said i look like a kid if I got them. So I think i will skip that idea for now lol.
Well we are suppose to go to my parents later this afternoon for some grilling! I love it! Girls love it when they go see their grandparents. So this day should go by pretty smoothly unless it rain like its suppose too. Yuck ! But anyway lets get this day started! :D
~sugar out~

March 29, 2008

~My first entry~

Hey there, My name that I will give you is Sugar, You can call me Sug. I am a Mother of two happy little girls. Lillian is five years old and Emma is 16 months old. I am currently married to a man that well I can give you the details of him later on. I am a stay at home mother or as i like to say a Domestic Engineer! :D Sounds professional don't it. lol.
I been bottling up a bunch of stuff over the last year and a half. My husband got home from overseas just a month ago. I dont really have anyone to talk to due to i just dont have time to have social life cause i want to be there for my children. So I figure a blog would do some good therapy
i been trying to finish my online degree but seems like when i want to work on it that is the time all chaos wants to break loose. Crazy huh?
I love crafty projects and in fact the degree i am currently trying to recieve is my small owner business degree. I want to start my own little store or online store. I think it will benifit me and my children. And it would be so fun!
But anyway that is just a bit of info of me. I will blog what is on my mind and I am not much of a grammer tech so dont count on me to always use spell check. Any who thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Here are some pics of the girls and the hubby when we went to the park :D

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