December 31, 2009


So i been in this crafting bubble and yesterday I made tons of plushies. I made 6 little zombie ninjas, a big zombie ninja and a kawaii ninja...all will be in my shop as of Jan 4th 2010 :D Check them out!

December 29, 2009


here ya guys go! The final outcome of my sticker craze!

oh yeah!!! Happy!

upcoming sticker designs!

So in my last post you read that I got a sticker machine. I been working on new designs for more stickers for my shop! I am loving them! Here is what i got so far!

I am enjoying my new found craft binge :D I will post pics of the final product soon. The ninja's are inspiration from the ninja necklace I ordered from Kiddo's shop!

December 28, 2009


I found me a sticker machine at walmart for 20 bucks! I been wanting one so bad that I thought I would treat myself. Now I am loving it!!! I want to make all sorts of stuff now. Here are just some of the stickers i made. The first batch was suppose to be 4 but I had accidently put the paper in the wrong way and got the sticky side on the front. Opse! The Nom nom brains are of my own design in Those I plan on putting up in my shop when I reopen. The little ones will be saved for swaps or what nots. (since the zombie isnt really "mine" to sell) Dont want to get in trouble with any copywrite laws are anything lol!

Tell me how I did :D

December 26, 2009

goodies I got for Christmas

December 22, 2009

Last minute gifts

WEll I was informed earlier that my parents are doing their Christmas on the 23rd instead of eve or Christmas day since dad has to work. I was really hoping for the post man to stop goofing around and give me what I ordered from my buddy Jonesy for their gifts. So as a back up I kept with the tshirt idea and made these bad boys. Maybe just maybe those shirts I ordered will come in before I have to go to my parent house at noon. So here is what I got done in 2 hour time frame.

So tell me how I did :D

December 14, 2009

Vacation time!!

December 12, 2009

Christmas gift making CHAOS


Well, Its that time again for us crafters to out do ourselves from last year's xmas gift making chaos. I don't understand why I wait till the last possible moment to get cracking on projects. But this year I have ask the aid of my fellow crafting buddies to help me out this year, this way it relieves some of the pressure off me. lol.

The three crafters that have aid me in my quest of stress free Christmas Chaos are:

Kiddo in the TN area! Check out her store.


Jonesy in the UK area! Check out his amazing shirts here!


Tara in the Los Vegas area. Just awesome!


Thanks guys for the help!!

So Check their stuff out~! Fabulous ppls and amazing homemade items for your friends and loved ones!!

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