July 10, 2008

the arm guards are done!!!

As you can see I finally put my brain on overtime and did it, I finished with my arm guards!! I took the two top panels off my daughter's diaper box and shaped it with an exacto knife. I took some white masking tape and covered the the parts that I didnt want the brand of diapers to show. Then I took some knee high white panty hose and doubled it on both. Lastly I drew the kanji for health and life at the bottoms. :D ya ya ya!!! Oh and I hot glued the elastic on the bottom. :D All I have left is to work on the belt and pouches for the cosplay. :D

July 9, 2008

Lillian got her ears pierced

OH YAYAYA! Finally going in for the third time getting her ears pierced. This time she came to me and been asking for them to be done for 3 months now. Since we had the money I decided to take her to the mall to get them done. I told her if she wanted them done that she had to sit on the chair herself and when the someone came to us to see what we wanted she was already asking them for ear piercing. So as she sat I filled out the paper work while the lady was getting ready. I asked Lillian one last time and she said "lets do this!" and she did, she only cringed at the sound of the gun but no crying. When she saw in the mirror that she had earrings she was smile ear to ear! In fact I was the one in tears cause I was so proud of Lillian being so brave. I will post pics soon. She is in bed now exhausted.

I am still exhausted from yesterday and today but I did get some crafting supplies and cant wait to start working on them. Maybe tomorrow night since Matthew is shooting pool. I just need to get the energy to get the kitchen organized. Later gaters.

July 7, 2008

click to add your own title...ha did you really click it

okay this is attempt number 3 on writing on this stupid thing. First time my browser frozed and died and this time my computer wanted to shut down. Lets start again

I got to sleep in 8am usually Emma wakes up at 630-7am. I was glad she let me sleep in. It was long over due. I made me and the girls pancakes, hash browns and bacon for breakfast. We didnt have any syrup so I sprinkled some sugar and cinnomon and it was yummy.

Afterwards me and the girls played till was morning nap time for Emma. Thats when I found out I was asked to write a part in the online magazine Snippets from cutoutandkeep.net. I was excited. I did my research on cleaning tips with non chemicals. It was really fun and I turned in my rough draft.

I woke Emma from her nap and we made nutella sandwiches with cheetos. Not the healthiest lunch but the yummiest. We got all cleaned up and headed to my parents. Matthew was in bed the whole day either sleeping or playing on his computer. Which kinda depressed me cause it seems like every time he does have time off to spend with us he either is hurt or sleeping or distracted with computer things.

Mom and Dad ordered pizza for us for dinner while we were there and on the way home it rained. When we got home Matthew was leaving. Which he had no problem waking up and getting out to shoot pool. o.o'

I put the girls to bed and I made brownies and I made two shrink dink necklaces that turned out great! Look!!This one I drew off by looking at the screen. We dont have a printer so I think I did pretty darn good. I didnt want to waste the left over shrink plastic so I cut them in odd shapes and colored them. Now I have left overs for future projects.

This is a cute kawii kitty that is just on a simple chain. Pur-fect!

July 6, 2008

Ice cream, ribbon, and hair oh my!

Today I took the girls out to DQ and we got lunch and Ice cream. Yummy. We then went to walmart and got some supplies for my cosplay outfit.

I made the 2 kunai out of foam board and I used the same technique with the mask to make them. :D Pretty neat! I also adjusted the foot socks and wrapped the bandages on my legs to see how it looks as well as how it feels.

The arm guards I think we will go through the sports goods and pick up some arm guards and spray paint them.

The vest I added D rings and added ribbon since its Texas and I know it will be to hot for a cloak or a scarf so the ribbon will be for the flowing effect. I will add pics of that tomorrow.

I am also adding pics of my cute hair that my best friend did yesterday. She colored and cut it herself and the hair cutting was her first time. She did a great job and I love it. But anywho I am tired so I am going to get some sleep.

July 5, 2008

its almost done

As you can see I am on my way of finishing my costume for the anime expo that is coming to our town from July 18-20. I decided on the anbu. I found all of this in my closet. I modified a dress up long sleeve blouse to the white vest. The black shirt I have many as well as black pants. I ramage through my fabric pile and found this burgundy stretchy goodness and made the arm gloves, and the sock that I will be wearing with my black flip flops. The mask I cut out of a pizza box and used artist masking tape over it with pillow stuffing underneath to give it some dimension and then used acrylic paints.
I have more too do but this is what I have came up with in the last two days. I need ideas for the arm guards and I want to decorate the vest with something . My brother is going to let me use one of his headbands that he has in his collection to go with it.

I am happy with the results :D If anyone has any ideas to help me out send me a line or two. Thanks guys!

July 2, 2008

time and time again

Oi, so sorry for the short delay. Not even sure if anyone reads this or not. I am not feeling very well. I am currently running a temp of 100.1. No biggie, I am sure its nothing. Flu probably. I been so tired lately and I seem like I cant shake this stupid headache away. NO I am not pregnant. I been on birth control for a good long time. It just has to be the flu, my body aches so bad. As soon as I am finish with this I am going to take a pm and get to sleep and hope that I feel better in the morning.

Lillian is at mom's tonight. They were trying to get the pool cleaned so it would be ready for swimming tomorrow. Good news my mom's court hearing was settle out of court and she is getting a good sum of money. So that is good news.

Emma was exhausted when we got home. But I made sure she had some grub in her belly before putting her to bed. It was really cute she took her bologna and bit a whole in the middle. She looked through it with one eye at me and I couldn't help but laugh. It was really cute.

For my mom's bday I made her a cute cupcake sewing bag. It was a big hit, she loved it.

She didn't waste no time putting her stuff in the bag. Next I am going to make her a needle wallet to keep all her pins and needles in. I will keep you posted on that. :D

One bad thing about having a husband who has a strong mind and use to taking care of himself, he isn't prone to knowing when his wife is sick or not feeling well. Like today I been hurting and exhausted I come home and he expects me to make dinner and got mad at me cause I didn't take the pizzas out of the oven like he thought I did. The simplest task that I could do on my own just cause my body to shudder with needles cause that is how it felt. I even asked him to take the DVD out of the player when the movie was over and did he...no. His logic was it could stay there till we put another one in. This is really getting to me. I haven't did the dishes since yesterday morning and still he wont help with that. He thinks since he has to work seven days a week he can be except from all duties at home. Yes this is a vent session. I am feeling slightly better for now that its off my mind.

I just need to find a job and get myself feeling like I am independent again cause I miss it. I am going to start putting money away so I have a girls fund for my girls.
So like if its the weekend and there is nothing to do I can be like "GIRLS DAY OUT" and we can go to the movies or to the zoo. So that's the plan. I finished the background check for the PX so I hope I hear something from them soon.

But other than that things are caught up for now. Weather's been hotter than hot. So I guess that's it for now. talk to you all laters.

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