March 26, 2011

Adopt Your Controller Plushie Pet Today

Adopt your Controller Plushie Pet today!

These little guys are in dire need of homes. Such adorable creatures that live on love of others. Just look at those sad puppy dog eyes, you know you would like to rescue and let them live with you. Set them near your tv and game console, set them on your night stand and be greeted to such loveliness when you first wake up, or adopt one for a family member or friend.

As gamers we do our best to seek out cute creatures like these.

Do the right thing and adopt one today and show it the love that it deserves.

Meet Sebastian. This adorable green guy loves cuddles and potato chips, he loves it when you play those first person shooter games and loves killing zombies while you sleep.

Here is Sallie, Do not let the pink fool you. She likes to be in control of situations. Her favorite types of games is the fighting type like Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Street fighter 4. She is fast pace and very protective of the ones she loves, but she can be a total softie when it comes to cuddles and chocolate.

Finally here is Bennie, This guy loves playing those fabulous roleplaying games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Age. He is very outgoing and very hilarious when it comes to joking around. He loves Cheetos and Mountain Dew and just loves it when you give him a hug when he leasts expects it.

Please take a good look at these little creatures and consider adopting one of them. For the greater good you will be doing the right thing.

For a limited time, Enter NINJALOVE and recieve 25% off your total purchase on your pet adoption today.

Save a Controller Plushie Pet Today!

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