April 29, 2011


So as a reminder I still have some kick butt stuff in my shops and would also like to introduce you to my new one.


Sugary and Sweet jewelry Shop!


Found a company that pays me a commission to help design shirts! How awesome to let my imagination flow with this one!

Thanks for looking!

April 26, 2011

Hola friends!

I need to see if I can get some of you all to join an awesome site! I am looking for anyone who has ten minutes of their time to watch commercial ads, win points that you can redeem for prizes. Each ad you watch and rate you will be entered into a weekly jackpot drawing for cash prize. The more ppl we get in our village then more chances of becoming one of the top villages and then the company will PAY us for watching those ads.

This is my second day and so far this is a no brainer, I watched ten minutes of commercials and song choices for companies that plan on using for upcoming comercials. In return I got dicount coupons for that paticular ad that I can save in my vault and print out to use.

And No I didn't spend any money to do this. The reason why this company exists is because Companies who try to advertise their product notice with today's technology that the general public is able to skip over ads with their DVRs as well as getting ad blocker softwares onto their computers. This company is for individuals who do not mind sparing a few minutes a day to see these ads and rate them for the said companies so they know to gain more attention drawn to their product and not skipped over on tv.

Its rather easy and now I am moving on to the part where I need your help becoming a part of my Village so we can take over the world and put money in our pockets.

Please Click on the link to check out the 2 minute video for more info on the site and to join my village. Thank you


April 11, 2011

Ninja SLASH prices!

I want you all to take advantage of the Ninja shirts that will be expiring very shortly. I slashed the orignal prices for you also not only the prices of my shirts been slashed so has the ninja pendants. Go now and order you some ninja accessories while they are still available! Dont forget to look for the coupon code in the introduction for your additional savings coupon!

Ninja Star Tank (little girl size)
This white tank top is a size SM 5-6 IN little girls.

Sport my Ninja star!

Special instructions: Wash in cold water inside out and gentle dry.

ON SALE!! REG. $10.88 SALE $5.88(currently 2 in stock)

Ladies pink design on black shirt
One of my favorite ninja designs, story behind the design I wanted to bring in some sort of femininity into my favorite art of ninjas. I do believe ninjas can be girly and flowery while still be deadly at the same time.

My design was placed on a cotton black FITTED TEE with iron on transfer sheet.

Special washing instructions: Please wash in cold water, inside out, then place in dryer on gentle dry, you can also stick it inside of a pillow case for an extra precaution.

If you like this design and you do not see your size, convo me and I can make you a reserved listing, so I am able to make one to your liking. :)

ON SALE!! REG. $16.88 SALE $8.88(one left)

Ninja Attack Ladies Tank
Ninja attack ladies!


How cute is this guy?

ON SALE!! REG. $15.88 SALE $8.88
Story behind the design:

My 7 year old was playing the bomber game(no clue what the name is) and she came to me wanting to know if I could make a Ninja Bomb...BUT make him "cute". So here is the end result! The red shoes were the idea from my 4 year old who is a Doctor Who fan! (She has her own little red "Doctor Who" shoes too)

This image is placed onto a woman's FITTED TANK top with iron on transfer sheet.

Special washing instructions: Please wash in cold water, inside out, then place in dryer on gentle dry, you can also stick it inside of a pillow case for an extra precaution.
(currently have a LG, MED, AND SMALL)

Ninja pendant

Here is a Ninja pendant made with clay and love, even has a gold "ninja" star attached along with this adorable ninja.

This order comes with a free 14 inch silver tone chain.

Contains small parts not suitable for small childrens.

ON SALE!! REG. $5.00 SALE $3.88
(check out the other three colors available)

To my avid fans, please share this with your friends. I would love for them to be sold and shipped to their new owners that will wear them with love instead of sitting in my closet. Thank you.

April 9, 2011

Make one broken toy into two fun toys!

Its Saturday. The girls are fighting over the infamous broken hoola hoop.(They use it as a horn.) So instead of sending them to their room since they do not want to share I came up with an idea.

1).I bend the hoola hoop in half then cut with my kitchen shears.

2). Took ribbon, rickrack, buttons and spare jewels, wrapped ribbon using hot glue.

3). Hot glued the buttons so they can pretend they were actual buttons on a horn.

4). Added a few details.

5). Handed to two excited little girls and took them outside.

They are having tons of fun!

So far they were in a marching band, then pretended that it was up to them to alert people of zombie attacks and now they are sitting in their rooms playing symphonies.

I am sure in time I will be annoyed with the lovely "music" they are playing but it is all worth seeing them smile and playing along nicely with each other.

Go Crafty mom, go!

April 8, 2011

Fuzzy Ninja Keychain *how to*

I thought I share you an easy How to. Easter is coming up soon and thought I make brightly color round ninja key chains. I will be listing them on my etsy soon. So lets begin.

Be sure to click on images for extended sized.

**for your eyes you can add buttons, felt or paint them on. I painted mine.

I hope you enjoyed this how too. Thank you.

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