April 9, 2011

Make one broken toy into two fun toys!

Its Saturday. The girls are fighting over the infamous broken hoola hoop.(They use it as a horn.) So instead of sending them to their room since they do not want to share I came up with an idea.

1).I bend the hoola hoop in half then cut with my kitchen shears.

2). Took ribbon, rickrack, buttons and spare jewels, wrapped ribbon using hot glue.

3). Hot glued the buttons so they can pretend they were actual buttons on a horn.

4). Added a few details.

5). Handed to two excited little girls and took them outside.

They are having tons of fun!

So far they were in a marching band, then pretended that it was up to them to alert people of zombie attacks and now they are sitting in their rooms playing symphonies.

I am sure in time I will be annoyed with the lovely "music" they are playing but it is all worth seeing them smile and playing along nicely with each other.

Go Crafty mom, go!


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