August 31, 2010

Geekfest 2010

Well Geekfest was awesome! I had lots of fun! Thought I share you some pics with you all!.

Saw this guy in the shirt and had to get a picture of him since I was dressed as one of the main characters from that game.

My brother won 3rd place in the anime art contest! :D

These people were amazing!!

This girl was even in character as Hit-Girl from the movie Kick Ass!!

And of course Myself as Zoey(left4dead) and my bestie Justin as Shaun(Shaun of the dead) Which everyone loved him, he looked just like the guy! He won 6th and I won 5th place in the costume contest.

This chick won 1st place dressed up as Link from Zelda, very awesome!

Check out this guys blog he posted a video and a slideshow of Geekfest and we were in it :)

I can't wait for next years, but I am going to start planing my new costume for Comicon that will be here in Austin in Nov! :D

August 26, 2010

Ninja addiction is OKAY

So I been making ninjas like there are no tomorrow. I love ninjas, just awesome huh? I made ten camo plushies and sold 5 in one day. I was in dire need of funds so I could get to the emergency room the day before yesterday. The verdict from that was blood infection from a tooth! OW! It sucks more since my medical thru the army expired on the 20th. Right now I am trying to get medical thru the state, if I am approved I dont have to pay a huge E.R bill. So fingers Crossed!!!

The sold ninjas ready for traveling to their new homes.

The Clay ninja pendants that all my buyers who ordered from me for that day so I could get funds to go to e.r and order my antibotics. I made bunch more of these guys, I will probably put them in my shop later. :D

Also the local college is hosting their first ever Geekfest! I am so going to go on Saturday. I am going to go thru the house and find stuff to wear and cosplay as Zoey from Left4dead. Since my hair isnt long enough for a pony like hers and since my hair is blue, I am just going to go as my version of her. :D

I am bringing my camera with me so I can take pics of everyone's cosplay, this will be very exciting!! :D

Take care everyone!

August 24, 2010

New goodies in my shop. :D


August 12, 2010

Look to see if you won the I love your blog award!

How flippin awesome is this, I was just awarded the "I love your blog" Miss Violetta was very sweet to do this.

The rules are simple, just list 15 blogs that you follow and enjoy to read.

So here are the 15, in no particular order I congratulation to you all!

1. Cabootique

2. Confessions of a Craftoholic

3. CraftyLoo's

4. CreativeMind's Creations

5. Liefgeval

6. Kiddo's Shenanigans

7. Moobear's Designs

8. Strawberry Anarchy

9. Violet Elephant

10. Bumpo's

11. Cathie Filian

12. Non*sense

13. JMKit

14. Mama crafts because I cry

15. Peets Scrapalbum

Make sure you check these ppl out! Thank you to you all for keeping me entertain with your blog awesomeness!!

August 9, 2010

Design your own Art/Fashion collage

My new addiction is POLYVORE! I found the site through through their forum board. I have to say I am at the level of obsession with my new addiction.

Basically you design your own fashion/art collage. After becoming a member (which is totally free) you have millions of different items to digitally drag onto your screen and the combination is just ongoing. Its amazing and super fun. I thought I show you some of the sets I made already.

Also as you are dragging your pieces to your screen if you let your mouse hover over the item it will tell you where you could purchase and how much it costs. But anywho, I thought I let you know what my current new addiction is and share with you what I have done so far.

August 4, 2010

i am alive

sorry guys for the lack of blogging,life has been a bit chaotic. just wanted to let every one know i am fine. i even have an app on my phone to keep on blogging....which i am testing out now. well time for bed. ttys.

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