August 31, 2010

Geekfest 2010

Well Geekfest was awesome! I had lots of fun! Thought I share you some pics with you all!.

Saw this guy in the shirt and had to get a picture of him since I was dressed as one of the main characters from that game.

My brother won 3rd place in the anime art contest! :D

These people were amazing!!

This girl was even in character as Hit-Girl from the movie Kick Ass!!

And of course Myself as Zoey(left4dead) and my bestie Justin as Shaun(Shaun of the dead) Which everyone loved him, he looked just like the guy! He won 6th and I won 5th place in the costume contest.

This chick won 1st place dressed up as Link from Zelda, very awesome!

Check out this guys blog he posted a video and a slideshow of Geekfest and we were in it :)

I can't wait for next years, but I am going to start planing my new costume for Comicon that will be here in Austin in Nov! :D


Violetta said...

I invited you to the "I LOVE" game.Come and join the fun! :)

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