August 12, 2010

Look to see if you won the I love your blog award!

How flippin awesome is this, I was just awarded the "I love your blog" Miss Violetta was very sweet to do this.

The rules are simple, just list 15 blogs that you follow and enjoy to read.

So here are the 15, in no particular order I congratulation to you all!

1. Cabootique

2. Confessions of a Craftoholic

3. CraftyLoo's

4. CreativeMind's Creations

5. Liefgeval

6. Kiddo's Shenanigans

7. Moobear's Designs

8. Strawberry Anarchy

9. Violet Elephant

10. Bumpo's

11. Cathie Filian

12. Non*sense

13. JMKit

14. Mama crafts because I cry

15. Peets Scrapalbum

Make sure you check these ppl out! Thank you to you all for keeping me entertain with your blog awesomeness!!


Cabootique said...

Aw, thank you! :] I've never gotten an award before, let alone a blog award. Hehe. I feel honored.

Violetta said...

Thank you Sug for listing my blog! <3 your new layout! :)

Bumpo said...

WTF! what? im not good enough for your little list?! eh?! eh?! and who's bumbpo's?! what d'ya stick a name in that sounds like mine just to wind me up?! JUST YOU FUCKIN WAIT LADY!!!!

Sugar's Dream and RL said...

lol I see no bumbpos anywhere! You must be seeing things again....*grins innocently**

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