August 9, 2010

Design your own Art/Fashion collage

My new addiction is POLYVORE! I found the site through through their forum board. I have to say I am at the level of obsession with my new addiction.

Basically you design your own fashion/art collage. After becoming a member (which is totally free) you have millions of different items to digitally drag onto your screen and the combination is just ongoing. Its amazing and super fun. I thought I show you some of the sets I made already.

Also as you are dragging your pieces to your screen if you let your mouse hover over the item it will tell you where you could purchase and how much it costs. But anywho, I thought I let you know what my current new addiction is and share with you what I have done so far.


Cabootique said...

Your sets look so good! I love Polyvore...though I feel like I'm not good at making the collages.

Violetta said...

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know I awarded you with the "I heart your blog" award! congratulations!

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