May 22, 2009

Goodie Bag in progress!

Well some of you know I am in the goodie bag swap on I been slowly but surely getting a few things done...I been kinda sick and depressed last week. So I decided to put everything that I made so far together and take pics and share with ya so I can get remotivated to add more awesome things to it. I had recently cleaned out my storage room that had alot of extra goodies that I just randomly pick up at dollar stores to use in future gifts and projects. So Here is what I have right now.

These are my celestial earrings that sorta remind me of comets. :D

My Sweet Pinks dangles :D

Little business card envelope pouch with crazy designs that I did with fabric puff paint along with mine, kiddo's and Tara's business cards :D

A set of bump beads I made. :D


So this is what I have right now, what do you guys think?

May 18, 2009

Bump beads made easy!

Why order expensive bump beads when you can make them yourself?!

I used polymer clay(I got mine in a kit walmart with lots of colors for 9 bucks or you can go to a craft store and get them one by one for less than 2 bucks each) You can also use fimo but in my oppion they are a bit more in price and I think they are the same.

Preheat your oven.

Now Pick two colors you want to use.

Condition your clay by squsihing it and rolling till it gets nice and soft in your hand.

Roll out your clay and cut in sections.

Take a section and roll into a ball.

Put it to the side till you get how many you would like to use.

Next I put the holes in them by using a toothpick...You can use any thing small enough to puncture a hole through them.

Now onto your other color, these will be your bumps.

Roll into a small thin snake.

I didnt cut I basicly pinched off small pieces and rolled them into little balls.

After you got enough go ahead and add them to your correct or wrong way. I just placed mine randomly.

After your done Place them in your oven at the given instructions on the package and bake them for what the directions say (i go for 250 degrees for ten mins but that is my oven so yours could be different)

After baking, take them out and let them kewl off for 15-30 mins.

I added acrylic varnish onto mine to have it shine but you dont have too. Also if you dont have varnish use clear nail polish, you get the same effect.

And Poof you got yourself bump beads!

May 16, 2009


Today is may 16th 2009, I went to my sister in law's baby shower and had a blast.

I am still sick and really dont have the energy to do much at the moment. I still have to work on a goodie bag swap and well I guess I can show you the bag i made..I added red glitter to him but havent taken an updated pic of the little guy.

Shhh dont tell my

I also signed up for an ATC swap as well, but that shouldnt be a issue with postage since I can stick it in an envelope and slap a stamp on it.

I am also a bit depressed, my plan to have saved some money after bills and stuff did not work. I am now in the red at my bank cause I forgot about both mine and matt's online games. His went thru but my game was declined :( so I get to sit here and be sick and not do anything while he does.

Not much else is going on besides that.

May 8, 2009

Mother's day gifts

Mother's days is coming up very soon, and with my down time from the merina implant the other day I was able to get my crafty side to work and come up with a couple of things for my mom and my mom in law.

This is a needle book i made for my mom, she loves lions, I will be adding eyes soon, just havent desided if i wanted to paint them on or use googly eyes or buttons.

This I made for my mom in law, its an owl and leaf sitting on a branch made out of polymer clay. I am really proud of this and hope she likes it :D

I will be making them greeting cards to go with their presents and cant wait to see if they like them :D

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