May 16, 2009


Today is may 16th 2009, I went to my sister in law's baby shower and had a blast.

I am still sick and really dont have the energy to do much at the moment. I still have to work on a goodie bag swap and well I guess I can show you the bag i made..I added red glitter to him but havent taken an updated pic of the little guy.

Shhh dont tell my

I also signed up for an ATC swap as well, but that shouldnt be a issue with postage since I can stick it in an envelope and slap a stamp on it.

I am also a bit depressed, my plan to have saved some money after bills and stuff did not work. I am now in the red at my bank cause I forgot about both mine and matt's online games. His went thru but my game was declined :( so I get to sit here and be sick and not do anything while he does.

Not much else is going on besides that.


Suzanne said...

I love the bag! I feel your money problems. Keeping my phone on silent so the credit card companies don't wake me up! I hope you feel better soon!

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