January 31, 2010


Today we went to check out a double wide mobile home, and I was already getting a bit flustered since we were having problems in finding a place that had everything we needed, accepted our dogs and was within our price range. I was a bit nervous of it being out in the boonies but once I got there I was like "i love it!"

Thanks to Kiddo, I was able to have a positive mindset on stepping in there. Also with Jeremy's (Anita's hubby) suggestion of bringing in a notebook and my camera with me I could write down the pros and cons of the house, and the pros out weight the cons.

It is a four bedroom(fourth room is a small office)Which will be my CRAFT ROOM! Two bathroom. (tiny but less for me to clean up right!) Its a double wide older mobile room. The three rooms are on one side of the house, which is great to have the girls nearby where I sleep if they need me. Has carpet(easy clean up!) Its out in the country(but not a far drive to our families and shops. Kitchen is small and has a homey effect. (no dishwasher, which i dont like although it just means kitchen will be super cleaned every night before bed.) A huge back yard with fence and storage unit (perfect for girls to run and play!) The dining room is long and perfect(forgot to take pics of that) It has a ramp so I wont break my leg...again lol!

It may look ugly but I can make it pretty!! They are doing alot of work on it right now to have it ready for us to offically move in and we can move in little by little in the mean time.

Most rental places wont take animals esspecially with Cage being mixed with a rottie. We brought him with us to show them that he was well mannered and looked more black lab-ish. She called us saying that he can stay and our pet deposit will be only 200 bucks all together!! (most places charges 300-500 per animal)

The are putting new floors in, fixing the walls and ceilings today. Tomorrow they are replacing the front deck. (didnt take a pic of it) But anywho check out the pics. The long room the girls are in will be Lillian's room, the smaller room that they are in is Emma's. The medium room is our room which has master bathroom...nothing master about it but I am only in my room to sleep. So its all good.

I am soooooooooooo happy!!! :D

January 27, 2010

Anti-Valentines Day

We all know that one holiday can be both lovely or just wishing it was the 15th instead? Well for my anti-v days ppls this blog is dedicated to you all. I love that day but it seems like every year something happens and we are unable to do anything that I want. So I just get so fustrated when that day comes closer and even more fustrated when I hear everyone else's cutesy plans. I always hope for a better vday this year but I never get it....its a bummer I know but I am sure some of you all feels the same. So Enjoy!

So hopefully I dont offend anyong but also hope ppl appriciate this post lol. :D

January 13, 2010

Out of order

So my plans of getting things done this week was a flop. I had to go to the Emergency room on Monday evening. I had a 101.6 temp and was in alot of pain. They just told me I had bronchitis, yuck. I am feeling a little bit better, just making sure this killer headache stays away cause it was mainly the reason that shut me down last couple of days.

Today I also did a follow up with my doctor for my sleeping issue and she put me back on ambien and set up a referral to see a psychiatrist to see why I having anxiety at night where it is keeping me from sleeping. So we shall see how that goes.

I also got my crown finally today. I can eat again!! Since I had the temporary I wasn't able to bite so I ate less...alot less. And its been about a month and I lost 10 pounds....crazy huh? I am sure it will be gained back since I can eat right. lol

Tomorrow I will be taking Lillian in the morning for her check up, and while I am there I might ask them to file the back of the tooth a bit so I can bite comfortably.

Other than that I hope tomorrow I will feel a bit better so I can catch up with the house work.

So I will keep you all posted! :D

January 10, 2010

Coffee is good no matter what time!

So I thought I let everyone know I have let the idea of not being in the army settle in. I am not so dreadful of what the future will hold for us, I know the army will help Matthew find a job and I am going to find something as well. Our W-2 should be available next week and we can get that rapid refund that we can use to move. I am been looking for places and actually warming up to the idea of having a new place. A place where I can decorated and make our own. Just think of all the awesome creative projects I can come up with once we settled.

My store is open so check out the stickers. I already had one order for a sticker and I sold my last zombie extermination pendant. Not sure if I will but shop into vacation mode when we start moving or not but I will keep you all posted.

I am also finishing up my swap for Rhibi for the candy/lolly swap. Yesterday we got bunches of sweets and can't wait for her to receive them. I plan on mailing both her stuff and my etsy order out tomorrow. I will post pics soon of what I made.

Since we finally got our heater working(it kicked the bucket last night) I am going to tackle a few house chores and relax today. Don't plan on going anywhere unless I want a monster.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!

January 4, 2010


OKAY, I figure I will feel better after I vent, since I sorta feel the pint up anxiety building inside.

We were just informed Matthew my husband(who is in the army) will be leaving from the army Feb 20, 2010...yes you read that right, that is next MONTH!!! If he can not get extended which seems very doubtful at this short notice we got. We have less than 30 days to move out of housing!

We do not have the necessary funds to do this right now, yes I just had a settlement but I used it to pay off debts and so forth. If they give us at least till mid March we will be able to use our tax refund check to move out on.

But after he is out of the army there is no jobs lined up for him, and with my leg/ankle I am unable to stay on my feet for so long.(I tried this when I worked at 7-11 and failed miserably.

You see is unit is suppose to track this type of stuff out at least 160 days prior to his E.T.S date but they didn't. If they did we would of been able to plan more proficiently about the future. This only came to our attention when he went online to see if he was no longer "fenced" so we can change duty stations.

So I am now freaky out cause we both wont have jobs, need a place to live, lose medical and dental, and will be so heartbroken if we have to get rid of our dogs, Charlie is a total mommy dog he doesn't do well with strangers and what if he bites his new owners and they put him to sleep. I am in tears!

I was born into the army, raised army and married twice into the army. As much as I would like to get away from the army, we been very depended on the army.

I know I should stay positive but its very hard to do when there is a tremendous amount of change that is going to happen and I am not ready!

January 2, 2010

Swap log pages

Check out my how to on cutoutandkeep!

Thought I get more organize and keep all my swaps together so I can keep track of everything for the new year. I love swaps and love hosting swaps. So enjoy the how to, just remember you can create yours the way you want. :D

The swapper log page.

Hosting a swap log page.

I am going to get some plastic sleeve protecters and slip them in there, this way I can also insert the reciept from the post office so I can keep track of mail out date and pricing for future swaps.

January 1, 2010

Weird Nap dream

Okay its 12.32pm, just woke up from a nap and had to share my dream since its still fresh in the back of my mine.

I was shopping at the grocery store with my girls and my brother when this fire alarm going off. All the customers are unsure what is going on and all the employees huddled up in the middle of the store chattering away. I hear one saying a war head was fired by accident and heading to our direction. So still watching them with unsure thoughts running thru their heads I pulled one who dressed like the manager and told him to direct all customers into the basement where their ware house was.(hush its my dream this is what was happening) I then proceded to fill my basket with first aid kits, bottle water, soda, non fridgerated food and had others help me get it down to the people below. After getting all this done, one of my neighbors was joking about how his wife was freaking out and she had dropped her smokes. I explained that we are in store that had everyhthing and I am sure we were not going to get in trouble for taking what is needed to survive. At that time I reached in my pocket and found a pack of smokes and tossed at him.( i know weird!}

A little time has past everyone is locked in and on their phones, pda trying to get info, which is odd cause there isnt showing up about a warhead heading our way, but of an infection of some kind that was killing ppl and bringing them back to life...yah zombies(most of my dreams are 90 percent zombies, so dont laugh at me)

With this being local setting to me most of my friends and neighbors all deemed me leader since I already know about all this stuff and prepared mentally for war on zombies lol. I gather some of the guys to help me "clean Up" the store and find away to lock the front doors to keep unexpected guests out. Some how I have my dog with me Charlie(if you seen pics of him, he is this small wirey hair type dog) he follows me everywhere and lets out a low growl if there is something coming from around the corner. (in real life he would be barking like crazed dog so dont think he will be much of help in real life zombie raid lol)

Weapons...welll like i said its my dream. Me and 3 others had a fully loaded magazine(clip) with a glock(gun) I am asuming these are police issue since my dad was part of the "clean up" crew.

Dream jump, we all had them where its still the same thing going on but "time" has passed. We manage to find a better shelter with all sorts of things to survive with. We have a table with ppl with books as we enter so they can take names of survivors, and log in and out ppl and weapons. This way we keep in track of family and items.

We just got back from a "sweep" when I notice my wedding ring is missing. My brother in law said he had it so I go into his pocket to find a pouch and empty the contents all over the table which had coins, trinkets, rings but not MY RING. People are offering me their rings as a replacement since they know what I had plan to do if I couldnt find it at the shelter. I picked up one ring and as much as it was beautiful (it was kinda bulky with this small pearl that glowed blue and white.) it was not MY RING.

So I proceeded to re-assign my self with more supplies to go back outside to find it. People were screaming at me saying I am not being rational but I was determined to find it.

Then I wake up and find out that the hubby wants to take me out on a date...oh and I still had my wedding ring on my finger lol

sorry for the errors, I just had to write this before I forget it cause i just thought it was really awesome!

Now time to shower and get ready for my date!!

Last swap of the year.

So yesterday I finished up my last swap/crafting project for 2009. Feels odd that its a new year already! Hope everyone enjoy theirs! Any who I wanted to share with you some pics of what I made for the Newcomer swap.

Beaded wire necklace, two rings.

Stickers, stationary, also made her two lollipop pendant necklaces for her two daughters.

Hope she likes everything.

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