January 27, 2010

Anti-Valentines Day

We all know that one holiday can be both lovely or just wishing it was the 15th instead? Well for my anti-v days ppls this blog is dedicated to you all. I love that day but it seems like every year something happens and we are unable to do anything that I want. So I just get so fustrated when that day comes closer and even more fustrated when I hear everyone else's cutesy plans. I always hope for a better vday this year but I never get it....its a bummer I know but I am sure some of you all feels the same. So Enjoy!

So hopefully I dont offend anyong but also hope ppl appriciate this post lol. :D


Bumpo said...

ha, like the top tee, is this a new blog layout/background/skin thing?

kiddo said...

I love that tee as well! I'm so anti Valentine's Day!

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