January 31, 2010


Today we went to check out a double wide mobile home, and I was already getting a bit flustered since we were having problems in finding a place that had everything we needed, accepted our dogs and was within our price range. I was a bit nervous of it being out in the boonies but once I got there I was like "i love it!"

Thanks to Kiddo, I was able to have a positive mindset on stepping in there. Also with Jeremy's (Anita's hubby) suggestion of bringing in a notebook and my camera with me I could write down the pros and cons of the house, and the pros out weight the cons.

It is a four bedroom(fourth room is a small office)Which will be my CRAFT ROOM! Two bathroom. (tiny but less for me to clean up right!) Its a double wide older mobile room. The three rooms are on one side of the house, which is great to have the girls nearby where I sleep if they need me. Has carpet(easy clean up!) Its out in the country(but not a far drive to our families and shops. Kitchen is small and has a homey effect. (no dishwasher, which i dont like although it just means kitchen will be super cleaned every night before bed.) A huge back yard with fence and storage unit (perfect for girls to run and play!) The dining room is long and perfect(forgot to take pics of that) It has a ramp so I wont break my leg...again lol!

It may look ugly but I can make it pretty!! They are doing alot of work on it right now to have it ready for us to offically move in and we can move in little by little in the mean time.

Most rental places wont take animals esspecially with Cage being mixed with a rottie. We brought him with us to show them that he was well mannered and looked more black lab-ish. She called us saying that he can stay and our pet deposit will be only 200 bucks all together!! (most places charges 300-500 per animal)

The are putting new floors in, fixing the walls and ceilings today. Tomorrow they are replacing the front deck. (didnt take a pic of it) But anywho check out the pics. The long room the girls are in will be Lillian's room, the smaller room that they are in is Emma's. The medium room is our room which has master bathroom...nothing master about it but I am only in my room to sleep. So its all good.

I am soooooooooooo happy!!! :D


Bumpo said...

only in your bedroom to sleep? how'd ya end up with two kids?! :P glad you've found a new home sug :D

kiddo said...

I'm so happy for you sweetheart! I'm glad my words of encouragement could help out! You'll have that place looking all cozy and lovely in no time! Love you!

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