February 23, 2010

New Adventures

Finally cleared housing quarters!! If anyone knows anything about the military should know how much of headach is to clear quarters.

Now I must get the new place unpack. Yesterday I was able to get the kitchen somewhat done so I could make my family dinner. Lasanga, salad and some garlic bread(a friend of ours made the bread and was yummo) I will not be liking that we dont have a dishwasher. Boo!

I miss crafting though, but I figure that will be the last to unpack and organized.

In the meantime I am getting ready for Lillian's bday party which will be this Sunday(2.28) The theme is butterflies. Found a pretty cake and ordered it for her. I will post pics of the party after Monday.

Today thu is my dad's birthday. After it stops snowing I plan on seeing him.

So hopefully everyone is doing alright, I will talk to you all laters.

February 12, 2010

ambien + typing= CRAZY

i am curruently experincing ambine. Thought I would try to type so everyone know that how crazy I can be while waiting fcr it to worrk. Like now the screen seems to be swimming up and down on the screen which is really weird. Then when I look up to my hubby and find that he has been doubled. Its kinda creepy in my opion. I am doing my best to type correctly but my eyes are blurr in and out and but i just find this experience just odd for one person to understand.

so lets just think of this entry as an experiment on poor sug on ambien.

Then we can laugh at her at the same time!


February 11, 2010


MY brothers showed me this vid, and I just love the bad ass bubble commercial!!! "loofa looofa looofa!"

Watch it!!! Hilarious!

Onto moving news, we have power at the new place and I am getting really excited to get everything moved in....but unfornutantly my ankle/leg isnt aggreeing with me on the whole being out on it.

You can clearly see how swollen my bad ankle is, also i have no clue how i got that bruise on my leg! Crazy!

Its been cold and wet, and was informed the army wont move us so we have to do it on our own. :( Sucks but ah well, I have four brothers, I am going to see if they can help me. :D

February 9, 2010


Well most of you know I dream 90 percent about Zombies. Only a few I consider nightmares(i.e when my family and friends are involved in the chaos). Most people would wake up but for me I like to keep dreaming till I reach the "completion" of the dream. Well last night I woke up at 2 a.m from one of the dreams.

In the dream it started in the most genre of zombie plotted out movies. This time I was out in some type of camp when the outbroke started. Did great, saved a few and held my own. Then there was a military extraction of the survivors including myself. I told them I could help if I had the right armor and weapons.

Next I was decked out in my military trends and a rifle and position outside my home. It was night and I had another guard with me. I protected my family who was safely inside. The streets were barren with just a few zombies across the street. It almost resembled Halloween night. I didn't have to use my weapon yet since another small unit was not that far was snipering the "stragglers" that came near.

Now here comes the creepy part. I was keeping an eye on one straggler. He seemed like he wasn't infected. He was tall and his face was very pale almost like he had Halloween make up on. He was only walking past my house when my cell phone rang. In the dream I was thinking. "How did I get a cell? Who is calling me!?"

As a reflex I pulled out my phone and answered it. It was my mom. "Be careful there are zombies out there!"

In my annoying voice I replied "I know this Mom!"

Come on now like it wasn't obvious thus why I replied sarcastically to my mom.

Then the zombie guy heard me and started towards me. I told my mom "I gotta go, ZOM-"

I hung up the phone to pick up my weapon to fire and my weapon didn't want to fire at all. I was like "OMG!"

I used the butt end of the weapon to push him back and waited for the guard to use his weapon. But saw that he was overwhelmed with three zombies as well.

Then it felt like I was in a game, like the screen would flash "WARNING" and I couldn't get the screen to go away so I could see. I felt my body get really heavy and couldn't move or dodge out of the way. The next thing I know I had a horde of zombies ontop of me.

I felt every shred of flesh being yanked from my body and then the "screen" would go red and it was annoying the hell out of me cause I wanted to see what was going on but was in too much pain to do much. I knew I was done for, then as I was still being "feasted" upon the "screen" went black and said "GAME OVER!"

I woke up in a panic, and retrieved my husband who was still up and went back to bed. But Now that I rethink and go through my dream I find it funny. I think the only creepy part was the fact I felt every bite and limb pulling on my body.

Thought I would share this to you all. LOL

Last night we went to our new place to only find out the power was not turned on and when I called the company the lady had given me the wrong date, so power wont be on till the 11th of Feb. Grrr...but maybe that had something to do with the "lose" of power in my dream. Just feels like another stand still on my progress to move.

Any who, hope you enjoy this. Laters!

February 8, 2010

Weather is against us moving....

Okay so today we are suppose to start moving some boxes into the new place since the power should be turned on today, but nooooo the weather decides to mock us and scream "NO!"...so its freezing, raining and thundering. I am surrounded by box towers and clothes mines. If I don't watch where I am stepping on I might step on one and explode from under me.

Not to mention my little Emma decided to take off with my crafting scissors and chop her hair yesterday. Thought she was being very good in her closed room while we were packing. Then realize she didn't peak out like she usually does to check on us. I go in there and see hair pieces everywhere. I fixed it as much as I could since I didn't have hair cutting scissors. Then waited till Anita returned my txt so she could fix it with hers. Alot of hair was cut off, the only way to make it look normal was to give her a layer haircut. She has thick hair so it will do for now.

Cut by the Emma.

Extra waving and layered.

But since my moving plans is on a standstill, I managed to call the cable/Internet company and got that scheduled, as well as taking care of a bill collector.

The plan now is getting the Emma to nap for me. So wish me luck. :)

Any who this is my progress today. :D

Posting something cute and funny for the day.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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February 7, 2010


Moving always sucks, but it sucks more when you are just exhausted and not really getting help. I am not really satisfied with the progress we are making but when its just me and Emma during the day its the best I can do for now.

I am packing and purging at the same time. I have been slacking on the normal house duties that I usually get done during the day. I am hoping after I drink my second cup of coffee I can get the second wind I need and finish clearing my craft area. Then I am going to get the kitchen clean and laundry finished for school this week for Lillian.

We will have power turn on at the new place tomorrow and I will have to call Timewarner about transfering our services. My plan is to be in the new place next week. That is my goal! Lets see if I can do it!

Lillian will still go to her school till after March 2nd. She has a play that day and has a line, she's been praticing it for a month now and do not want to take her out of the school till then. I will have to wake up early to get her to school but its a small price to pay to make my baby happy.

Matthew is still hunting for jobs, I wish he would be more helpful at home but I won't get into that. lol.

Here is pics of my messy house....so don't pick on me.

my beautiful hubby :D

Emma and Cage, with an overwhelming pile of mess on the floor from all over the house...i need big bulldozer...that would be great.

Boxes, going to attack the craft area in a minute.

the living room looking really bad...feel like sobbing lol.

Entertainment center cleared~

So this is my progress so far...Dont be harsh..

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