February 9, 2010


Well most of you know I dream 90 percent about Zombies. Only a few I consider nightmares(i.e when my family and friends are involved in the chaos). Most people would wake up but for me I like to keep dreaming till I reach the "completion" of the dream. Well last night I woke up at 2 a.m from one of the dreams.

In the dream it started in the most genre of zombie plotted out movies. This time I was out in some type of camp when the outbroke started. Did great, saved a few and held my own. Then there was a military extraction of the survivors including myself. I told them I could help if I had the right armor and weapons.

Next I was decked out in my military trends and a rifle and position outside my home. It was night and I had another guard with me. I protected my family who was safely inside. The streets were barren with just a few zombies across the street. It almost resembled Halloween night. I didn't have to use my weapon yet since another small unit was not that far was snipering the "stragglers" that came near.

Now here comes the creepy part. I was keeping an eye on one straggler. He seemed like he wasn't infected. He was tall and his face was very pale almost like he had Halloween make up on. He was only walking past my house when my cell phone rang. In the dream I was thinking. "How did I get a cell? Who is calling me!?"

As a reflex I pulled out my phone and answered it. It was my mom. "Be careful there are zombies out there!"

In my annoying voice I replied "I know this Mom!"

Come on now like it wasn't obvious thus why I replied sarcastically to my mom.

Then the zombie guy heard me and started towards me. I told my mom "I gotta go, ZOM-"

I hung up the phone to pick up my weapon to fire and my weapon didn't want to fire at all. I was like "OMG!"

I used the butt end of the weapon to push him back and waited for the guard to use his weapon. But saw that he was overwhelmed with three zombies as well.

Then it felt like I was in a game, like the screen would flash "WARNING" and I couldn't get the screen to go away so I could see. I felt my body get really heavy and couldn't move or dodge out of the way. The next thing I know I had a horde of zombies ontop of me.

I felt every shred of flesh being yanked from my body and then the "screen" would go red and it was annoying the hell out of me cause I wanted to see what was going on but was in too much pain to do much. I knew I was done for, then as I was still being "feasted" upon the "screen" went black and said "GAME OVER!"

I woke up in a panic, and retrieved my husband who was still up and went back to bed. But Now that I rethink and go through my dream I find it funny. I think the only creepy part was the fact I felt every bite and limb pulling on my body.

Thought I would share this to you all. LOL

Last night we went to our new place to only find out the power was not turned on and when I called the company the lady had given me the wrong date, so power wont be on till the 11th of Feb. Grrr...but maybe that had something to do with the "lose" of power in my dream. Just feels like another stand still on my progress to move.

Any who, hope you enjoy this. Laters!


Anonymous said...

Um, Sug what DID you eat before you went to bed? Thank goodness I don't have dreams like that, I'd wake up screaming and probably have a "conscience" heart attack. Does that even make sense, hm, idk but that was a freaky dream there girl.

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