February 8, 2010

Weather is against us moving....

Okay so today we are suppose to start moving some boxes into the new place since the power should be turned on today, but nooooo the weather decides to mock us and scream "NO!"...so its freezing, raining and thundering. I am surrounded by box towers and clothes mines. If I don't watch where I am stepping on I might step on one and explode from under me.

Not to mention my little Emma decided to take off with my crafting scissors and chop her hair yesterday. Thought she was being very good in her closed room while we were packing. Then realize she didn't peak out like she usually does to check on us. I go in there and see hair pieces everywhere. I fixed it as much as I could since I didn't have hair cutting scissors. Then waited till Anita returned my txt so she could fix it with hers. Alot of hair was cut off, the only way to make it look normal was to give her a layer haircut. She has thick hair so it will do for now.

Cut by the Emma.

Extra waving and layered.

But since my moving plans is on a standstill, I managed to call the cable/Internet company and got that scheduled, as well as taking care of a bill collector.

The plan now is getting the Emma to nap for me. So wish me luck. :)

Any who this is my progress today. :D

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