April 29, 2009

Check out New items in Shop.

NEW ITEMS IN MY STORE! COME CHECK THEM OUT! If you order say that you found my store through my blog and you will get free item with your order.


Thanks for looking :D

April 28, 2009

Zombie Swap completed!

I love love love the stuff that kiddo sent me for zombie swap!

I am so happy with everything! I have my zombiefied munny on my kitchen window sill and my brain frame ready to be hang once I find the perfect spot!

Thanks again Kiddo! Luv ya!

April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Hi guys, Today is Earth day! In celebration I would like to once again take the handmade pledge.

Go check out some amazing shops on ETSY

Here are some of my favorites that I recommend you all checking out.

Kiddo's Cool and Kitschy Creations

Kawaii Outlet

Pink Shimmers

Sweet Buddha Designs

And here is some kewl awesome stuff I just love from amazing etsy shops.

This Amazing necklace is from Utopia Armoury Great for those rpg'ers or/and ren faire accesories :D

Now what about you zombie lovers? Why not check out the awesome stuff made in this catagory alone on Etsy. Check out this beautiful handmade necklace.

This is from Kitschnink

What about Cute and Kawaii!!! Etsy gots you covered on that area too!

This cutie came from JooSweetie's store.

And what about the lovely homemade totes to carry your groceries in!

This one is made by Rare bird art studio

So as you all can see just amazing stuff so take the handmade pledge and celebrate Earth day on Etsy.

Also Check out my store Sugar-Coated Chaos.

April 17, 2009

Ninja Attacks!!!

Today is April 17, 2009 And its my brother's and Nephew's bday today. I didn't make anything for the little one since I know he loves his video games more than something small and silly at this time and age. But I did make something for my little brother who isnt really little anymore lol. This theme is ninjas. He seems to be favoriting them at this time so I made him a few things.

Lets start off with a funny ninja vid from youtube.

hope it shows if not here is the link


kk onto the next project...here is the Card I drew out
for him.

Next I made him a ninja keychain. Which is the black one on the right.

And my favorite project and the one he loved was my Monster energy drink Ninja cozy. :D I even posted a How too on Cutoutandkeep.net. Here is the link http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/ninja_instigator

So overall This is what I did for my brother :D I hope you guys enjoy that. Can't wait to start on a new project. Well guys see ya later and have a great weekend.

April 15, 2009

I shall rawr at you! Rawr!

Well its been a few days, been crafting and sending swaps, etsy order, and preparing for future swaps. I should check the mail to see if I got a package from Kiddo and Michelly. It would be just so wicked to go to the mail box and get something awesome when today has been a boo day. Did a bunch of cleaning and even manage to swell up my bad ankle. But anywho I got into a painting/art swap and I was hesitant at first but I was able to draw semi manga style like I use too. I been just doodling crazy cheesey chibi style lately. I also got into a pin cushion swap which I was already finish till my 2 year old found him and gave him an owie, lol but I fixed him. So here we go with some pics. Kk With this one its the Evil Pin Cushion. Emma took his eye and lost it. I patched him up and there he is pleaing with my swap partner to see if she still wants him lol. And of course she does lol.
Kk this one is for the art swap. I can't really paint so I drew a pic. My partner in this one is Creativemind. So I am really excited about these upcoming swaps.

Well That is all for now guys I am resting my foot and eatting some left over chocolate bunny easter eggs filled with peanut butter. Later gaters!

April 11, 2009

Check out my new Layout!

I been playing around with a bunch of templates and found this kewl coffee planner! I download it and uploaded it here and it took some time to get it the right way but I did it!

It looks like it might diffently storm, its really dark and this off green color. Tommorow is easter and we are suppose to go to my parents and Matt's parents house for eggs and food.

So I hope it isnt too bad or the kids will have to hunt eggs inside. So lets cross our fingers.

On other news, today I haven't crafted on anything! I gave myself a break today. I do need to make my brother something for his birthday and that is easy! I am going to make him a ninja polymer clay keychain! He will so love it.

Also I got bored and did some stuff on my paint.net of dedication to my Kawaii swap group. Thought it was wicked kewl that I do something for them in keeping with the theme. Here we go I will show you and let me know what you think. Kewl huh?!

Well guys if I dont ear from you tommorow you all have a happy easter!

April 8, 2009

Willow's Special Bundle and a shout out to you Kawaii

Here is some of the kewl fab stuff I worked on for a bestie from the game World of Warcraft. She is going to order these and a few other things that I am going to work on for her off my etsy store! I am excited and cant wait for her to get them! :D

Also guys I got some really neat Kawaii stuff from http://kawaiioutlet.etsy.com/ I got a bunch of stuff that didnt cost that much at all! I was spoiled! I will diffently be going back and I recommend all my readers who love cute to check out her store. You totally rock your store and keep up the good work!!!

Can you believe all the wonderful things! :D Thanks again Kawaii outlet!

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