April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Hi guys, Today is Earth day! In celebration I would like to once again take the handmade pledge.

Go check out some amazing shops on ETSY

Here are some of my favorites that I recommend you all checking out.

Kiddo's Cool and Kitschy Creations

Kawaii Outlet

Pink Shimmers

Sweet Buddha Designs

And here is some kewl awesome stuff I just love from amazing etsy shops.

This Amazing necklace is from Utopia Armoury Great for those rpg'ers or/and ren faire accesories :D

Now what about you zombie lovers? Why not check out the awesome stuff made in this catagory alone on Etsy. Check out this beautiful handmade necklace.

This is from Kitschnink

What about Cute and Kawaii!!! Etsy gots you covered on that area too!

This cutie came from JooSweetie's store.

And what about the lovely homemade totes to carry your groceries in!

This one is made by Rare bird art studio

So as you all can see just amazing stuff so take the handmade pledge and celebrate Earth day on Etsy.

Also Check out my store Sugar-Coated Chaos.


Suzanne said...

Thanks for featuring my shop! You rock as usual!

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