April 11, 2009

Check out my new Layout!

I been playing around with a bunch of templates and found this kewl coffee planner! I download it and uploaded it here and it took some time to get it the right way but I did it!

It looks like it might diffently storm, its really dark and this off green color. Tommorow is easter and we are suppose to go to my parents and Matt's parents house for eggs and food.

So I hope it isnt too bad or the kids will have to hunt eggs inside. So lets cross our fingers.

On other news, today I haven't crafted on anything! I gave myself a break today. I do need to make my brother something for his birthday and that is easy! I am going to make him a ninja polymer clay keychain! He will so love it.

Also I got bored and did some stuff on my paint.net of dedication to my Kawaii swap group. Thought it was wicked kewl that I do something for them in keeping with the theme. Here we go I will show you and let me know what you think. Kewl huh?!

Well guys if I dont ear from you tommorow you all have a happy easter!


Stephanie said...

I like this new lay out!!!

DamienHaze said...

I have to agree I love this layout Sugar!! :)

Suzanne said...

Where did you find this layout? I love it!

Sugar's Dream and RL said...

crap i dont remember,i googled lol

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