July 11, 2012

I have resurrected my blog! For the past year I been looking forward to Geekfest2012 ever since I got to enjoy the experience of it last year. I loved seeing so many people there that I shared the same interests and to my amazement I had a great turned out with it being my first ever event I done on a crafty level.

With that I told myself I want to be able to do this every year with my goal being with whatever I made to go towards my daughters' school clothes and supplies for the new school year.
Why do you craft and not get a real job? You may ask.
I use to work all the time, full time and I enjoyed it. My favorite field was working in the retail industry and implied my management skills and customer service skills. I loved bringing in my creative ideas to the work place and meeting my customers. It is what I enjoyed getting up in the mornings and going to work. I never ever told myself "What if I just called in sick?" I even worked when I was sick because I didn't want to miss anything. Then having the satisfaction of bringing home a paycheck that I earned and not relying on anyone's help.
But Why I am not working a 9-5 job is because back in 2008 I had an accident which in result in 2 surgeries from shattering my right ankle and breaking my leg into two places. I now have a nifty 14 inch metal rod in my leg and metal in my ankle. I was told by my surgeon I shouldn't have any problems going back to work, so I went back to work 6 weeks after my second surgery to remove the screw from my ankle for better movement. I was in so much pain, I opt for 4 hours a day and pushed myself to a 6 hour shift but after 2 hours of being on my leg I was in so much pain and would come home with my ankle and calf so swollen you would think I had a watermelon in my leg. Then I would have no will power to get up from the spot that I plopped myself on, I still needed to be a mother and take care of housework. This set me off into a depression state because I wasn't used to asking for help. I was used to being independent.
I took the time to concentrate on fully healing but to my astonishment I would never be 100 percent healed. Still to this day I have my bad days and I have my good days. I am in constant pain but the level of pains. I have my "comfort" pain, where I am use too and I can still get housework done and run my errands. Then I have those days where I it is just unbearable to be on it and I am in tears. Weather doesn't help, it is like it knows when its going to rain, climate change or when its really cold; those days I am down for the count and to those who know me I dislike just sitting and doing NOTHING. It will get to the point where it just hurts to drive for so long, thank goodness for cruise control.
So I got myself thinking on what I could do to bring a little extra income that I was able to do without being on my feet. I looked at my hobbies, and it was simple at the time. I enjoyed sewing, sculpting with clay, jewelry making and anything crafty. I opened an etsy, started a fan page and got to working. It was no steady sale everyday like I hoped for but my fans always helped me out when I put the time on working on a project that was just to me awesome. I would plan out my work project around special events in my children's lives. Like holidays, and birthday parties. I would open myself to commissions and work really hard to putting the detail of love into each item I made for my clients and in the end I was able to have a successful event for my children.
When I did Geekfest last year I could not believe on how much I made in just a day and half at the event. That proved to me that the items I did make, people absolutely enjoyed and made a promise to myself this is the one event I will do EVERY year! Meeting new friends, sharing to others my smile, happiness and my art.
_________________________________________________________________________________ So here it is just a month away I am working on my inventory for the event. I few months ago I asked around for anyone who was wanting to sponsor me mainly for my supplies because my visions of all I could create I needed the supplies to do so. In my mind it would be magnificent. I found a couple who was willing to fund my supplies but something came up to where they will not be able to do so. I understand things come up but it broke my spirits thinking maybe they rethought about sponsoring me due to my items not being that great. Which caused me to do a stand still on working for 5 days. Which is very unlike me, I just needed the encouragement from those that I have ever made for to tell me I was great and for me to see that my stuff was indeed great. I know I can do this, I am quirky, positive, and a ninja. I still see myself doing the event and meeting people from last year and making new friends all over again. This is what I want and I believe in myself that this WILL happen.
I decided to write this to everyone that knows me, to get to know me a little bit more about myself. What my drive is, what my goal is and see my determination. I do this for my children and for myself. I dislike asking for help but its one of those things that you are not weak for asking for help, you are stronger for it.
So if any of my family, friends and loyal ninja fans would like to aid me on my supplies for Geekfest. I will be open to donations. I have enabled a paypal button to the right of this screen. Now remember I am not expecting anything except for your loyalty and friendship, so if you are not able to donate any little amount it will not make me love you any less. Remember I am the girl that can create all sorts of your geeky needs. <3

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