October 18, 2008

On the path to recovery!

I am so excited that recovery is finally here! Last and final surgery was completed on the 14th and here I am waiting to be healed up. The physical therapist says her goal is to have me walking in 3 weeks. She says if I find myself able to walk more in the boot to do so cause she says she can easily wing me off it . I been trying to move around as much that is tolerant on my foot. My own goal is to be rid of the wheel chair in a week and a half.

I made a list of stuff to get myself to the new me. I asked my husband I want to bring out the desk that is in the back room and set up my crafting station. I love making things, it is what makes me happy and stress free. Not to mention Christmas is coming up and I love to make things for my friends and family.

Next I want to make a calendar and put some fun activities for my girls so once I am able to drive we will no longer be coped in the house on those fun weekends. We are going to have fun!

I also want to be able to start working out once I get the okay from the doc for certain excersices. I want to get my energy level back up were it use to be and get fit. Cause I know being unable to walk and stuff for 3 months put some unwanted pounds on so that must go cause if and when we win our court case (sueing the mobile home park for their neglecence of the stair that resulted in my injury) I want to treat myself in wardrobe change...get out of these large tshirts and sweatpants.

So THis will be great and exciting.

October 1, 2008

rushing for perfection

Well lets start of on why I did not write anything last night. I was overtired, mentally and physically exhausted and angry.

The day started of okay. I am at the point of getting over the fact that I have to wheel myself to the bus stop for lillian. It helps me out with getting fit and seeing my child off. As well it gives me a boost of energy in the morning to get the house cleaned. I am happy that I can put weight on my leg so at home I will park my chair in the corner and just hobble around to get things done.

So anyway back to my story for yesterday. I got home and started cleaning when my best buddie Jullian called and said she will come over. I was excited. Since I cant drive I am unable to see her unless she visits me. She brought over coffee and we talked and joked around. Then she said "You want to come over to my house?" I was like "really?" So I decided to just bring my crutches and not bother her with the wheel chair since it was just her house.

We got there I left the crutches in the car and challenge myself to walk into her house. And I did it! We hung out till about noon and she took me and Emma home after she bought us some yummy tacobell.

I took a nap with Emma and woke up refreshed and energized. When Matt got home we were ready to go to the store for our grocery shopping. So with new found confidence I wanted to challenge myself again. I told him I didnt want to bring either my crutches or chair that I wanted to walk from the car to the entrance to the area where they have the scooters. Well we got there and guess what! They didnt have any available. Matt did his best to find one but no go. So he said he could take me home and do the shopping himself. In my mind I am like NOOOO! I dont want to go back home I wanted out of the house. So I told him let me push the basket and I will use that to walk. So for a whole hour I walked at Walmart. :D I wasnt in agonizing pain. Just a bit discomfort.

But I was really proud of myself and happy!

Well anyway lets get to the angry part. As you see why I would be exhausted. It was 11pm and I was ready for bed and wanted Matt to go with me. Most of the time I just go to sleep and he will be in the living room playing his game and fall asleep and then be cranky the next day. So I thought it would good for him to come to bed with me so A. I can cuddle up with him cause I am sick and I hurt. B. He can get a deceit night sleep and C. I just miss having him go to bed at the same time with me. Well he told me he would be there in a few minutes and it turned to an hour and I got so mad I yelled at him. We both argued and I usually just smoke one smoky before I go to sleep but this I smoked 4 smokes cause I was so angry and stressed out. I finally calmed myself down enough to fall asleep.

The next morning after he gets home in the morning from P.T , me and Emma were napping on the sofa. He bent down and gave me a kiss and told me he was sorry about what had happened.

So all is well now.

Today nothing really big happen. Just a normal day. I had the girls play outside for a half hour and it worked out in my benefit cause Emma was ready for sleep at 7 and was out in 3 mins. Lillian was out in 10. So I did good!

well thats it kidos!

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