November 26, 2009



November 17, 2009

Cancer Sucks

We all know that this disease is not to play around. I for one know how it can effect someone emotionally and physically. Both my dad and sister in law are in remission from their cancer. Unfortunately both my grandparents passed away with their cancers. I know first hand we need those close to us for support when it comes to the treatments as well as the mental break downs that comes with it.

The reason why I started this thread is because I have came to find out a mother of two in our neighborhood has stage 2B Colon cancer and her husband is deployed in Iraq. The unit is refusing him to be sent home to be by her side. I am all about the army and supporting our freedom and all but when it comes to a soldier's family they should be able to put aside being a soldier and let him be a husband and father. This makes me both upset and angry even more so since I seen what cancer can do to a loved one.

There has been a page set up on fb to join as a petition for his unit to see how ridiculous they are being and reconsider sending him home. If you are a facebook member please join her cause and invite everyone on your friend list to do the same. I greatly appreciate it.

November 16, 2009


A great fellow crafter is hosting his first blog give away!!!

The winner gets a t-shirt personally made for them, from any design seen on -
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New items in shop

Went on a posting and crafting spree yesterday. Check them out!

November 14, 2009

Funny Faces

November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009 Completed!! (img heavy)

We had so much fun last night. We visit my parents house first which you can totally tell where I got my halloween spirit. Here are a few pics of their house.

The broom with the witches hat does the witches crackle laugh and goes in circles. They had to make a leash for it so it wouldnt roll down the street lol. The zombie guy raises up from the Toxic can when there is someone near by and makes this wicked scary sound effects. (the girls do no like that one lol) My dad added some dry ice to the pumpkin on the table and in the make shift graveyard. LOVE IT!!!

Lillian was dressed up as a wizard and Emma was dressed as a Ladybug.

Then after full pumpkins we went home and the girls got to have a camp out(living room with all the matresses on the floor) with their favorite uncle! He was very sweet to come stay the night and help me with them so I could go to my first adult halloween party.

The party was at my friends house Anitas. Just a few houses down the street. I made a sour cream taco seasoned dip(yummy) and a eyeball cake made out of red velvet cake)double layered inbetween its a strawberry filling to make it look like when you cut into it gooooul-y lol.

When I got there I was suprise to see other halloween themed goodies!!

Anita's husband made Tastey turds-chocolate covered rice krispies. He ran to walmart and bought a potty chair to give that whole trucker's pit stop diffently came out gross looking! lol

Anita made these cookies that looked like fingers! Very halloween-ish and yummy!

Courtney made this yummy cheeseball that look like a goblin.

She also made Caremal covered pear mice! Aren't these very cute.

Then Ms. Tina made these awesome fudge!!!

Not sure who made these but they look so good, I took some home with me to eat later :D

While we were there we played a few games. One of them was the "no" game. Everyone was passed out a dollar(monopoly money) The object of the game is to collect a dollar from a person who would say "no" during the night and who had the most dollars at the end of the night was the winner.

We played psychologist. Anita and Chrissy stepped outside while the rest of us decided to pick a celebrity of some sort and then they came in and asked each person a question about ourselves till they guessed who we were.

Tina was Rachal Ray
Stephan was Homer Simson
Mike was Robin Williams
Courtney was Hannah Montana
I was Dj Lance Rock.(sorry noggin is glued on my tv all day long lol)

Then after we were done with that we played scavenger hunt. Which I never played before and it was soooooooooo much fun. My team was Anita, Chrissy and her husband. We took pics of what we needed and got home by the deadline.

Our lint animal...its a bunny!! I made him really quick and I am holding the cutie bunny! Not bad huh?! LOL!!

Cell phone orgy LMAO

Team Member playing tag with complete stranger. There was a carnival down the street which with our luck we had to take a pic of a team member in a port a potty and while we were there we found this guy in this kick ass costume and asked him to pretend he is tagging Anita. It was really hilarious.

Then here is our interpitation of "Chopping Morning wood". We taped a sad face on the wood post (mourning) and Anita grabbed her cleaver and ta da!!!

I have more pics of the scavenger hunt but I need to get permision from the other guest before I post them.

After we were done with that all the money we collected throughout the games we used towards the auction. Auction consists of small and big gift bags of a mystery item. I won the last item witht he help of everyone giving me their left over cash since I was outbit with the last items lol. I won this very cute red xmas themed picture frame.

I then packed up as much food and went home.

I hope everyone's halloween was as fun as mine!!!

Thanks Anita and Jeremy for hosting the best halloween party EVER!!!!

Overall I had a blast!!! I hope everyone else's halloween was just as fun!!

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