November 17, 2009

Cancer Sucks

We all know that this disease is not to play around. I for one know how it can effect someone emotionally and physically. Both my dad and sister in law are in remission from their cancer. Unfortunately both my grandparents passed away with their cancers. I know first hand we need those close to us for support when it comes to the treatments as well as the mental break downs that comes with it.

The reason why I started this thread is because I have came to find out a mother of two in our neighborhood has stage 2B Colon cancer and her husband is deployed in Iraq. The unit is refusing him to be sent home to be by her side. I am all about the army and supporting our freedom and all but when it comes to a soldier's family they should be able to put aside being a soldier and let him be a husband and father. This makes me both upset and angry even more so since I seen what cancer can do to a loved one.

There has been a page set up on fb to join as a petition for his unit to see how ridiculous they are being and reconsider sending him home. If you are a facebook member please join her cause and invite everyone on your friend list to do the same. I greatly appreciate it.


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