December 29, 2010

What i been doing :)

Made this for a friend of mine for her husband. Hope he likes it :)

Made this for my brother Eric, its based off his main character on his comic that he is in the process of getting published.

Chibi Naruto made for my brother Jon for Christmas.

December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

December 23, 2010

A typical day...

A typical in the DeLeon household.

I look from the kitchen to see my nemesis lurking around the corner...staring at me evilly!

Love how he pretends I dont notice...

Going to check the mail.

oooo dad is sporting the SUV today :D oooo!

something catches his eye!


Run charlie run!

"What? I not do anythingz"

Dad on lunch break sitting with Mom.

Emma doing her thing :)

Lillian and her Uncle ERic playing games.

Our Christmas Tree!

My other brother unavailable for picture....he is playing World of warcraft.

My boots!!

If you look closely Zee is on his chair staring at me evilly again...he going to killz me!! o.o

Oh and this is B.B King....he whistles jingle bells throughout the whole year lol

So yeah just a typical day for us lol.

December 3, 2010


November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Black Friday is filled with great sales and CRAZY PPL! So if you wanna check out some awesome stuff without going out and be surrounded by crazy ppl go to my shop and check out some awesome deals with my new items that I listed.

Sugar-Coated Chaos

November 15, 2010

12 Dollar-3 piece party set

Emma's birthday is on the 20th of this month. I don't have much to work with budget wise, we are doing a "fancy" Lizard 'n tea theme. So far I have made her cupcake toppers, a few lizard wall decals out of clear contact paper and I just recently finished crafting a 3 piece table setting.

I went to the dollar tree and bought plates, bowls, and candle sticks-12$ total
I had E6000 and masking tape on hand already.

I gathered my supplies and played around on how I was going to stack them. Then I glued. I had to wait a good moment before gluing them on top of each other, after I was done I took tape off and now waiting for them to fully dry, once that is done I will clean them up and put them away till Saturday.

I am very proud of myself!!!

Emma is really happy!

Now onto party favor ideas :D See ya all laters!

November 10, 2010

I am back

Hola everyone,

Sorry for the delay, due to personal issues I had to take leave. Myself and the girls have moved into my parents house over the weekend. Right now this week is trying to establish some time of new routine and get things organized. Hopefully by the end of the week I can get my craft on and reopen my shop. So in the mean time I thought I would show you the most recent goodies I had made for a Christmas ornament swap. :)


Here I made a bunch of Kawaii Sweet ornaments out of my polyclay.

Close up on the cake.

The waffle filled treat!

This is my favorite, the chocolate filled cookie!!!

The cupcake. <3

And the yummy chocolate with marshmellow topping with two cherries.

And the box that I made to put it in.

The card that I made to look like a little bakery menu.

All set in its cubby ready for its journey.

And this is what I got in return :D I so love the Tifa one! Cristina did an amazing job!

October 2, 2010

Zombie Crafting 101

So I had written and article for snippets, was told it was great and sent it three times to them, they told me it was great and to expect to see it soon. Well they launched it and all I see is stuff that they are advertising instead. I don't see any of the regular CO&K writers, basically it looks like the just went pro and forgot us little people. I am hurt but I am sure they have a good explanation why it was not posted. So I decided to share with all of you my article because I really thought it was great with Halloween around the corner.

A brief lesson from the Zombie slaying Goddess

The night is cold and crisp, you are in your pajamas and then you hear the creepy sounds of low moaning of the undead.
You slowly tip toe through the hallway and into the kitchen heading towards the noise. You quickly scan the kitchen for a weapon,
wishing that you didn't have to put all the knives away in the dishwasher for a good cleaning. You go for the cast iron skillet on top
of the stove. With your weapon gripped tightly in you hand you slowly make your way to the living room, ready to pounce on the evil
creature that makes that unearthly sound.You reached your destination to only realize its just your husband playing his video games and
he just had lost for the thousandth and one time. **SIGH**

Zombies....what are these dark creatures of the night?
These nightmare-ish monsters are reanimated corpses brought back from their deathly slumber.
Most stories orignated to how this can be which ranges from voodoo magic to chemical warfare. They date back as far as the
Egyptian times and are popular in today's culture.

Why are Zombies so nightmare-ish?
Once you get past the fact that they may not want a hug from you, they just want your flesh. You may rethink
on how you want to approach that very "sickly" friend of yours, but lets get back on track here, out of all the mythical monsters out there
Zombies seem more likely of happens in today's age due to the facts of chemical testing and our wild imaginations.

Zombies in today's culture have upgraded from the old black and white films of the dead slowly creeping up to their prey, to running zombies that feel no pain and will never grow tired of coming after a nibble of your flesh.

Zombies are everywhere due to the popularity in today's generation. You see our undead running in George. A Romero movies, video games by Valve Corporation Left 4 dead one and two, the remakes of popular stories like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and even drawn out comics with our favorite characters depicted as undead creatures.

How to destroy a reanimated corpse
In all stories that I have read, and through all the movies, video games ect. They all can be killed by
destroying the brain. They make it sound very simple, huh? Can you really learn how to wield a weapon in seconds in a zombie
apocalypse? This thought has crossed my mind in numerous "what if" scenarios, I do believe in an event of pure survival your instincts
will kick in and you will become a natural at keeping yourself alive. I know all of us cant have the awesome skills of Mila Jocovich from the Resident Evil movies.

Have you thought about your survival plan incase of a Zombie Apocalypse?
Even though this is a far fetched idea it would be great to have a back up plan just in case? "Oh no, zombies at the mall!" RUN AWAY!!!
"Oh no, my neighbor ate my little sister!"" RUN AWAY!!!
"Oh no, I think this Ninja is a Zombie." RUN AWAY!!!

In an event of pure undead craziness, I suggest you have a plan and always be creative. I can already tell you by looking into my
craft supplies that I have plenty of ideal weapons to protect myself. Yes, I am snickering to myself.

Its always better to embrace your fear. I will admit that I was afraid of these creatures, but since I have embraced my fear I now love
watching movies, playing games, writing stories and even crafting these undead cuddlies into my projects. I am not the only person that loves to
take something scary, creepy and make it into something cute and cuddling. Just check out some of the projects on this site and
remember be prepared in an event of a Zombie Apocalypse, by the way I live in Texas, you can always look me up if you want to
team up. Hahaha!

insert links : George A. Romero ( Valve Corp. ( Milla Jovovich(

Well there you have it, let me know what you think. Thanks everyone!

September 19, 2010

Halloween is coming up!

My favorite holiday is coming up and I am excited. I told the girls that we are not going to dress up like fairies are anything cute, our goal is something scary!! Lillian is wanting to go as the witch from the game Left4dead, I think she can pull it off, the outfit should be easily made. So next payday we are going to hit the Goodwill and see what I can find. Emma wants to go as a zombie, now that will be easy! We will find an old outfit, rip it off put some red fabric paint on it, put some fake leaves in her hair and do her make up with ease. Myself on the other hand will probably do the same thing or find something better. :)

In the meantime I made some kick butt skeleton earrings, which I am happy with the results. I posted those on my etsy if you want to check that out.

I am also going to get started on my Halloween swap for Miss Jenna. I hope she will enjoy my twisted ideas. :D

September 15, 2010

Shop is back in action!!


Check it out and there will be more soon!

August 31, 2010

Geekfest 2010

Well Geekfest was awesome! I had lots of fun! Thought I share you some pics with you all!.

Saw this guy in the shirt and had to get a picture of him since I was dressed as one of the main characters from that game.

My brother won 3rd place in the anime art contest! :D

These people were amazing!!

This girl was even in character as Hit-Girl from the movie Kick Ass!!

And of course Myself as Zoey(left4dead) and my bestie Justin as Shaun(Shaun of the dead) Which everyone loved him, he looked just like the guy! He won 6th and I won 5th place in the costume contest.

This chick won 1st place dressed up as Link from Zelda, very awesome!

Check out this guys blog he posted a video and a slideshow of Geekfest and we were in it :)

I can't wait for next years, but I am going to start planing my new costume for Comicon that will be here in Austin in Nov! :D

August 26, 2010

Ninja addiction is OKAY

So I been making ninjas like there are no tomorrow. I love ninjas, just awesome huh? I made ten camo plushies and sold 5 in one day. I was in dire need of funds so I could get to the emergency room the day before yesterday. The verdict from that was blood infection from a tooth! OW! It sucks more since my medical thru the army expired on the 20th. Right now I am trying to get medical thru the state, if I am approved I dont have to pay a huge E.R bill. So fingers Crossed!!!

The sold ninjas ready for traveling to their new homes.

The Clay ninja pendants that all my buyers who ordered from me for that day so I could get funds to go to e.r and order my antibotics. I made bunch more of these guys, I will probably put them in my shop later. :D

Also the local college is hosting their first ever Geekfest! I am so going to go on Saturday. I am going to go thru the house and find stuff to wear and cosplay as Zoey from Left4dead. Since my hair isnt long enough for a pony like hers and since my hair is blue, I am just going to go as my version of her. :D

I am bringing my camera with me so I can take pics of everyone's cosplay, this will be very exciting!! :D

Take care everyone!

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