November 15, 2010

12 Dollar-3 piece party set

Emma's birthday is on the 20th of this month. I don't have much to work with budget wise, we are doing a "fancy" Lizard 'n tea theme. So far I have made her cupcake toppers, a few lizard wall decals out of clear contact paper and I just recently finished crafting a 3 piece table setting.

I went to the dollar tree and bought plates, bowls, and candle sticks-12$ total
I had E6000 and masking tape on hand already.

I gathered my supplies and played around on how I was going to stack them. Then I glued. I had to wait a good moment before gluing them on top of each other, after I was done I took tape off and now waiting for them to fully dry, once that is done I will clean them up and put them away till Saturday.

I am very proud of myself!!!

Emma is really happy!

Now onto party favor ideas :D See ya all laters!


Tara Mac said...

Leaping Lizards! Emma is turning 3!

Rebecca said...

Woooo - Sug it's Lolly.Bot (Bec) I think you've done a wonderful job on these. Also your blog page is kick-arse!!

kiddo said...

Those look killer! Great job!

Sugar's Dream and RL said...

Tara you mean 4. lol Next year she will be in school! Woot!

RaspberryBubblez said...

Your so clever Sug! they look fancy!

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