April 5, 2008

oh la la

Today is one of those lazy saturdays. I cleaned the house as much for today. I think once Emma wakes up from her nap we will go to the store for some milk and something easy to cook for us tonight since Matt will be in dallas tonight. What sucks is the ac wont work. Not good at all since its hot outside.
The last few days been busy. Payday equals bills being paid and I had a doctor's appointment that found out I had high blood pressure. So I have take the 40 minute drive to the doctors for the next five days to have it checked before they decide to put me on meds. So Ya very exciting. Blah!
but anyway I think I need to log into my game to see how my guild mates are doing since i been busy and havent been on. I play world of warcraft and I am the leader of the guild so ya. Its been fun , played for a little over a year now and I think I am ready to let go. lol but we will see. any who laters!

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