March 30, 2009

Poptarts, Poptarts and a Cookie.

I got some more items to share with you see above I made these for a fellow member on She had put up on the board that she was looking for things to trade with the items that she had to much of. I saw that she had a bunch of lace and even though I dont use lace on projects it would be awesome to keep on hand till my crafty brain explodes with ideas.
I made her a pair of poptart stud earrings, a poptart pendant necklace, and a chocolate chip cookie adjustable ring. I use polymer clay and they are hand sculpt by me.
I hope she likes it I sent her a pic and waiting for approval so I could send them out tomorrow along with Kiddo's zombie stuff.
But I reached another dilemma...I am done with swaps...and I feel sad. I have not signed up with any cause none really interests me as well as I tried to do a pagan/Wicca swap but that got no responds in the first critical 24 hours of posting a swap idea.
I also want to do an anime swap but I am not sure.
oi oi oi what is a crafty goddess going to do?

March 29, 2009



March 27, 2009

Marieke comfy slippers!

I recieved my package from Marieke all the way from the Neitherlands. She made me a pair of comfy slippers and an awsome needle book that I so needed cause I keep misplacing my needles lol. We did a personal swap, I made her some fabulous felt sushi for these comfy babies! Arent they awesome! Thanks Marieke!!

March 26, 2009

Earth, Water, Fire and Air

I got bored today and started doodling on my computer and came with these little collection of Earth, water, fire, and air... Enjoy guys.

March 25, 2009

Swap stuff

Well I been with for a year now and love signing/hosting swaps. I wanted to share a couple of swap packages I have recieved this year. My swap partners are awesome at what they do and make beautiful items and I wanted to share their amazing work with you all.This is the most recent one I have recieved. This is what Ale made me for the fairytale swap. This came all the way from Mexico. She sent two mexican dolls(look at postcard those are the dolls)for both girls, a beautiful handmade mobile with all sorts of homemade fairytale related plushies. She also sent some mexican candy which is sooo yummy. GReat job Ale I loved it all!

Next I got a very warm and happy package back in Feb for the Valentine's day swap I hosted. I am afraid not very many recieved or sent out like they were suppose to and some have gone awahl but my partner was awesome and sent me some awesome items for vday. A huge heart shape pillow with my name on it "sugarlishes" a crafting book to write all my ideas in, lots of heart pendants and my favorite tree of life pendant! Thanks Dis!!! You are just brilliant my dear!!!

Well folks thats it for now, I am in a Zombie swap as you may have read in my last blog. I am very excited to see what my partner made for me and dont worry I will have pics ready to show! Thanks for stopping by!

March 23, 2009

Wow Woot!

Well Lillian is feeling so much better after having an ear infection during spring break. Today was her first day back from the vacation and she came up with a happy face. So yayaya happy mommy!

Today me and Emma went grociery shopping and got stuff to make home made pizza and it was delish. I also got the girls in bed at a good time and now its mommy time.

Okay Kiddo, I know you might be reading this but I am just excited and needed to blab! lol This one project I am working on for the zombie swap is turning out kick bootie!!

I decided on making a zombie survior journal, and the fictional owner of the journal's name is Coraline Francis Tempest. Basicly there are several entries in her journal of the beginning of the break out and some of her experience first hand with the zombie threat. I am going to add a few more entries into the journal and then the rest you can use to write your craft ideas or add onto it :D Then I will be making one more item and I will be mailing your stuff the first week of april.

Also I wanted to show you my rough draft of me taking one of my pics and turning it into a ZOMBIE! Here I shall show you!

Hope you like! lol

March 20, 2009

Momma Sad

I am sad. My Lillian isnt doing so good, she has a middle ear infection and once the meds wear off she is in alot pain. For the past days none of us have been able to sleep. I am exhausted beyond reasoning. Today I took her back to the doctor cause she would be wailing almost 3 hours after she takes the motrin as well as this questionable discharge from the ear. We had taken her to the E.r Tuesday night. They gave her some antibotics and a decongestion.

Well today at the doctors office she told us that it was way to swollen to determine what is causing the flair up. So we have a follow up appointment on Tuesday so I will keep you all updated on that.

Right now my little one is still taking a nap. I am thinking I will let her sleep as long as her ear will let her. I hope she gets better soon.

Its about 6pm and I will be fixing something small for me and Emma to eat. I have to be sure tonight I be in bed in a decent time so I can get as much sleep inbetween ear pains.

Oh Also I got my fairytale package from Ale! Brilliant. I wish I knew were my usb cord is to my cam so I can post pics. She made me a fabulous mobile its so cute, she made me a necklace, and got the girls these cute little mexican dolls! Omg and some mexcian candy that me and Emma attacked! Thanks girly!

Well Emma is now have a case of the crazies. So talk to you all laters.

March 14, 2009


Yep its a Saturday. A day to really clean the house and the mind for me. I got the house as clean as I at the Moment. I would love to mop but with it raining and two dogs needed to be let out that would just have to wait till it gets warm and dry again.

Its only a little after 10 am and me and Emma are watching cartoons. Today I am going to do my best to get most of that darn evil laundry demolished in the laundry room. I swear it looks like the washer/dryer exploded our laundery all over the place. *sigh*

I dont mind doing laundry but I hate folding. I may have 3 baskets of clean laundry hiding in the hallway closet. lol.

On the creative side I am going to make my little pocket notebook survial book. I got the idea late last night while watching Diary of the dead a George Romero film. Its basicly the prequel of all his other zombie movies. Go watch it, it is kick arse! I am going to watch it again!!!

Now the book I just need to find the mats for it but if I cant find it I am sure some other idea will pop in my head and then start doing that instead lol. I am weird like that I guess.

I am currently mad at the postman since I still have not recieved my awesome ring from Kiddo's etsy. Or the really kewl pendant that I order off ebay. I hope to recieve it would be super!!

I also came up with a neat crafty idea! We got some hoggie bread the other day for our brats that we love some much. Well last time we had it in the pantry and apparently the little sugar ants found them and attacked our bread so Matthew suggested we put in the fridge and I was like no cause then it would get hard and stuff. So I found an old ice cream container and stuffed the bread in their and its been in there for the last three days and I checked it this morning and its still smells fresh and soft. So its offically our bread container for our brat bread!

Well time to get off here and get the day going even thu its cold and wet outside I must get it done. Later gaters.

March 12, 2009

will return shortly

hi guys i know I been naughty and neclectiong my blog...bad me! I been having a bit too much chaos in my life at the moment but non of that has haulted my creative spirit! I just mailed out a friend of mines Fairytale/alice in wonderland swap today. I cant wait for Ale to recieve it, I have a few favorites that I just didnt want to give up! lol.

I am now down to One swap and that is ZOMBIE SWAP oh ya that one is going to be just awesome! I have a kick arse partner Kiddo-whom by the way is my number one customer at my etsy! I sent her a custom made nun for her niece and I thought I would add a special suprise for her awesomess in making my confence go up for my store. I lurv ya woman.

I made two zombie projects tonight and have two more ideas and I think that will be in cause I want to hurry and mail them out to see how much she loves them :D

Well guys/gals time for bed


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