March 25, 2009

Swap stuff

Well I been with for a year now and love signing/hosting swaps. I wanted to share a couple of swap packages I have recieved this year. My swap partners are awesome at what they do and make beautiful items and I wanted to share their amazing work with you all.This is the most recent one I have recieved. This is what Ale made me for the fairytale swap. This came all the way from Mexico. She sent two mexican dolls(look at postcard those are the dolls)for both girls, a beautiful handmade mobile with all sorts of homemade fairytale related plushies. She also sent some mexican candy which is sooo yummy. GReat job Ale I loved it all!

Next I got a very warm and happy package back in Feb for the Valentine's day swap I hosted. I am afraid not very many recieved or sent out like they were suppose to and some have gone awahl but my partner was awesome and sent me some awesome items for vday. A huge heart shape pillow with my name on it "sugarlishes" a crafting book to write all my ideas in, lots of heart pendants and my favorite tree of life pendant! Thanks Dis!!! You are just brilliant my dear!!!

Well folks thats it for now, I am in a Zombie swap as you may have read in my last blog. I am very excited to see what my partner made for me and dont worry I will have pics ready to show! Thanks for stopping by!


Suzanne said...

I sent my Wonderland swap, but never received anything . . . *Stomps around all huffy*

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