March 20, 2009

Momma Sad

I am sad. My Lillian isnt doing so good, she has a middle ear infection and once the meds wear off she is in alot pain. For the past days none of us have been able to sleep. I am exhausted beyond reasoning. Today I took her back to the doctor cause she would be wailing almost 3 hours after she takes the motrin as well as this questionable discharge from the ear. We had taken her to the E.r Tuesday night. They gave her some antibotics and a decongestion.

Well today at the doctors office she told us that it was way to swollen to determine what is causing the flair up. So we have a follow up appointment on Tuesday so I will keep you all updated on that.

Right now my little one is still taking a nap. I am thinking I will let her sleep as long as her ear will let her. I hope she gets better soon.

Its about 6pm and I will be fixing something small for me and Emma to eat. I have to be sure tonight I be in bed in a decent time so I can get as much sleep inbetween ear pains.

Oh Also I got my fairytale package from Ale! Brilliant. I wish I knew were my usb cord is to my cam so I can post pics. She made me a fabulous mobile its so cute, she made me a necklace, and got the girls these cute little mexican dolls! Omg and some mexcian candy that me and Emma attacked! Thanks girly!

Well Emma is now have a case of the crazies. So talk to you all laters.


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