March 12, 2009

will return shortly

hi guys i know I been naughty and neclectiong my blog...bad me! I been having a bit too much chaos in my life at the moment but non of that has haulted my creative spirit! I just mailed out a friend of mines Fairytale/alice in wonderland swap today. I cant wait for Ale to recieve it, I have a few favorites that I just didnt want to give up! lol.

I am now down to One swap and that is ZOMBIE SWAP oh ya that one is going to be just awesome! I have a kick arse partner Kiddo-whom by the way is my number one customer at my etsy! I sent her a custom made nun for her niece and I thought I would add a special suprise for her awesomess in making my confence go up for my store. I lurv ya woman.

I made two zombie projects tonight and have two more ideas and I think that will be in cause I want to hurry and mail them out to see how much she loves them :D

Well guys/gals time for bed



Suzanne said...

Thanks for the props, lady! Much luv!

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