March 23, 2009

Wow Woot!

Well Lillian is feeling so much better after having an ear infection during spring break. Today was her first day back from the vacation and she came up with a happy face. So yayaya happy mommy!

Today me and Emma went grociery shopping and got stuff to make home made pizza and it was delish. I also got the girls in bed at a good time and now its mommy time.

Okay Kiddo, I know you might be reading this but I am just excited and needed to blab! lol This one project I am working on for the zombie swap is turning out kick bootie!!

I decided on making a zombie survior journal, and the fictional owner of the journal's name is Coraline Francis Tempest. Basicly there are several entries in her journal of the beginning of the break out and some of her experience first hand with the zombie threat. I am going to add a few more entries into the journal and then the rest you can use to write your craft ideas or add onto it :D Then I will be making one more item and I will be mailing your stuff the first week of april.

Also I wanted to show you my rough draft of me taking one of my pics and turning it into a ZOMBIE! Here I shall show you!

Hope you like! lol


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