March 30, 2009

Poptarts, Poptarts and a Cookie.

I got some more items to share with you see above I made these for a fellow member on She had put up on the board that she was looking for things to trade with the items that she had to much of. I saw that she had a bunch of lace and even though I dont use lace on projects it would be awesome to keep on hand till my crafty brain explodes with ideas.
I made her a pair of poptart stud earrings, a poptart pendant necklace, and a chocolate chip cookie adjustable ring. I use polymer clay and they are hand sculpt by me.
I hope she likes it I sent her a pic and waiting for approval so I could send them out tomorrow along with Kiddo's zombie stuff.
But I reached another dilemma...I am done with swaps...and I feel sad. I have not signed up with any cause none really interests me as well as I tried to do a pagan/Wicca swap but that got no responds in the first critical 24 hours of posting a swap idea.
I also want to do an anime swap but I am not sure.
oi oi oi what is a crafty goddess going to do?


Sugar's Dream and RL said...

123 testing

Suzanne said...

It works! Love the pop tarts and cookie!

Anonymous said...

HI...can you see this!?

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