April 8, 2009

Willow's Special Bundle and a shout out to you Kawaii

Here is some of the kewl fab stuff I worked on for a bestie from the game World of Warcraft. She is going to order these and a few other things that I am going to work on for her off my etsy store! I am excited and cant wait for her to get them! :D

Also guys I got some really neat Kawaii stuff from http://kawaiioutlet.etsy.com/ I got a bunch of stuff that didnt cost that much at all! I was spoiled! I will diffently be going back and I recommend all my readers who love cute to check out her store. You totally rock your store and keep up the good work!!!

Can you believe all the wonderful things! :D Thanks again Kawaii outlet!


Sugar's Dream and RL said...


Suzanne said...

My myspace won't allow me to comment on anyone's pages. I saw that you were bummed. I'm sorry! If there is anything I can do, just let me know. I've been posting your little "cotton candy" logos everywhere I can! I wish I knew how to make kewl graphics. Cheer up! Love ya!

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