April 15, 2009

I shall rawr at you! Rawr!

Well its been a few days, been crafting and sending swaps, etsy order, and preparing for future swaps. I should check the mail to see if I got a package from Kiddo and Michelly. It would be just so wicked to go to the mail box and get something awesome when today has been a boo day. Did a bunch of cleaning and even manage to swell up my bad ankle. But anywho I got into a painting/art swap and I was hesitant at first but I was able to draw semi manga style like I use too. I been just doodling crazy cheesey chibi style lately. I also got into a pin cushion swap which I was already finish till my 2 year old found him and gave him an owie, lol but I fixed him. So here we go with some pics. Kk With this one its the Evil Pin Cushion. Emma took his eye and lost it. I patched him up and there he is pleaing with my swap partner to see if she still wants him lol. And of course she does lol.
Kk this one is for the art swap. I can't really paint so I drew a pic. My partner in this one is Creativemind. So I am really excited about these upcoming swaps.

Well That is all for now guys I am resting my foot and eatting some left over chocolate bunny easter eggs filled with peanut butter. Later gaters!


DamienHaze said...

hahaha very cool projects :)

Suzanne said...

I feel bad b/c you wanted to get your package that day when you were feeling bad. I promise you won't be disappointed! I'm planning on sending it off on Monday!

Sugar's Dream and RL said...

dont feel bad I can not wait to see what you got for me! I am going to be soooooo happy!!! :D

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