August 26, 2010

Ninja addiction is OKAY

So I been making ninjas like there are no tomorrow. I love ninjas, just awesome huh? I made ten camo plushies and sold 5 in one day. I was in dire need of funds so I could get to the emergency room the day before yesterday. The verdict from that was blood infection from a tooth! OW! It sucks more since my medical thru the army expired on the 20th. Right now I am trying to get medical thru the state, if I am approved I dont have to pay a huge E.R bill. So fingers Crossed!!!

The sold ninjas ready for traveling to their new homes.

The Clay ninja pendants that all my buyers who ordered from me for that day so I could get funds to go to e.r and order my antibotics. I made bunch more of these guys, I will probably put them in my shop later. :D

Also the local college is hosting their first ever Geekfest! I am so going to go on Saturday. I am going to go thru the house and find stuff to wear and cosplay as Zoey from Left4dead. Since my hair isnt long enough for a pony like hers and since my hair is blue, I am just going to go as my version of her. :D

I am bringing my camera with me so I can take pics of everyone's cosplay, this will be very exciting!! :D

Take care everyone!


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