February 23, 2010

New Adventures

Finally cleared housing quarters!! If anyone knows anything about the military should know how much of headach is to clear quarters.

Now I must get the new place unpack. Yesterday I was able to get the kitchen somewhat done so I could make my family dinner. Lasanga, salad and some garlic bread(a friend of ours made the bread and was yummo) I will not be liking that we dont have a dishwasher. Boo!

I miss crafting though, but I figure that will be the last to unpack and organized.

In the meantime I am getting ready for Lillian's bday party which will be this Sunday(2.28) The theme is butterflies. Found a pretty cake and ordered it for her. I will post pics of the party after Monday.

Today thu is my dad's birthday. After it stops snowing I plan on seeing him.

So hopefully everyone is doing alright, I will talk to you all laters.


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