March 8, 2010

I am alive, I promise.

How come it seems like when you get to a new place, no matter how much you unpack there seems to be more boxes popping up to do the same?

I still have all sorts to go thru, tons of laundry as I unpack, finding a place to put my craft stuff so I can organize them when I obtain my craft room.

I also second guessing myself in signing up in a couple of swaps. I been out of the crafting loop since December of last year and I am going crazy. I already have lots of nifty ideas for both swaps.

The swaps I joined were the fridge magnet swap-which would be great for the new place. I can diffently put my sticker machine into use with that swap.

And the other swap is the Alice in Wonderland-I did a similar swap a year ago and I also got to see the movie over the weekend. (great visual effects but I was kinda expecting more from it) I paid attention to all the minor to greater details through the movie so I can utilize it for ideas for this swap)

This week my goal is to get Emma's room done, finish going through the boxes in the living room, so next week with it being spring break both girls can play while I get my craft on.

But anywho, going to do some research and figure what to take out for dinner.


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