March 27, 2010

Shower me with awesomeness

3.27.2010 @ 10:48am

Oi, today in a long while I was able to sleep in. I feel great! I am sipping my coffee and getting the blood circulated. I want to be able to get a few things done today and break out my crafting galore and start making things again. I finished my magnet swap, just need to mail it out next Friday or the following week when we get paid.

I also am hosting the next round of Kawaii swap on and have alot of ideas that I want to get started and maybe if I make extras I can set those aside for my etsy. Which my etsy is still in vacation mode for now till I feel like I am able to maintain it without going crazy with the last boxes of unpacking.

The girls are at my parents house, they should be home soon. Glad my parents were able to let them stay the night since I been overwhelming myself with alot of stuff.

Any who let me show you a few pics of the magnets I made.

I took an old dvd case and revamped it, inserted stock paper inside the sleeve with some of the magnets. Yes I even took some pirate gold and turn them into magnets...everyone needs a little pirate gold lol!


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