March 17, 2010

The blade dancers

Yesterday my friend Chrissy and myself were talking about going on vacations and that we(me,her and Anita) needed to change our names. We came up with some kick ass names which sorta reminded me of super comic type stuff. Thought I hunt for pictures to go with our kick ass names. Just something funny to share lol!

Name: Katana Roseblade
A.K.A: Christy
Ability: To slay zombies with a single swing of her blade,
and bitch slap the stupid ppl.

Name: Liliac Killarblade
A.K.A: Chrissy
Ability: To whip any creature into shape
and has a powerful drop kick.

Name: Onyx Tigerblade
A.K.A: Anita
Ability: Can snipe anyone who piss her off at any distance and
her fists are made of steel.

*giggle giggle* Enjoy!

Here is a picture of us :D


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