March 16, 2010

Weather is Depressing

This week is suppose to be spring break. Second day into the week and its raining, which is making me really sad. I been fighting the blues for a bit trying to distract myself with the endless amount of chores and stuff. Its just really hard to get everything clean, sit down and relax to only get up to find it a mess again. I keep thinking I should be working to help bring income in to help us adjust in our non-army life but with both my legs being stupid its really hard to do this.

It doesn't help that I feel unapreciate in what I do and be expected to keep a smile on my face. Maybe I just need to go back to the doctor to adjust my meds, but I am sure they will only say that its just the stress that I been enduring over the last few weeks. I feel extra bad not keeping in touch with those close to me. I begin to think that I am just bother and just hide myself away even more.

I just feel rather overwhelmed, and the weather isnt really helping any. I guess I just wanted to vent and hopefully I will be better enough to get things done.

No worries ppl, I shall be fine, not going to feed myself to the zombies just yet. lol

Everyone have a good day!


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