March 9, 2010

Another Zombie dream

Okay so far out of all the zombie dreams I have, I think this one is defiantly awesome. Adventure and terrifying at the same time! I might even make this into a story.

With me playing Left 4 Dead with my good buddy Stephen, I been wondering about a few things in the whole Zombie theory.

So anyway, my dream started out more like an action movie. You had the major characters and the characters that goes into detail of their own story who later was lunch for our creepy undead.

It was an all out war between the last of the humans vs the undead. A handful of fighters and myself enter a scientific lab building we found a group of scientists working on an "antidote"

But this "antidote" didn't really cure, it stopped the decaying phase, and return the mind back but unfortunately it did not stop the hunger or the craving of flesh and blood for them.

The thing was the only way the antidote would work is if the "undead" did not reach phase 3 in decay due to the brain turning to "mush" of returning them to their pre zombie person. If it was beyond phase 3 they were exterminated.

Soon after the zombies were returned to their Pre-Z stage, each were given a micro chip in their brain stem to help with the urge of their cravings. They were given regular food that was enriched with the nutrients they needed to flourish.

Basically they were all hooked up on this huge mother computer and if any of them would start to feel the urge of flesh they would receive a small shock to the brain to fight that urge.

So months went on, humans and the Pre-Z's were returning to somewhat of normalcy.

We soon find out there is a crazy mad man that gathers humans fighters to rebel against the Pre-Z's. His plan was to hack into the mother computer and fry the chips so the hunger would no longer be retained and the Pre-Z's would revert to their mad flesh eating monsters, just to proof to the world that the Pre-Z's could never be human again.

So myself and my army did our best to retaliate against him, but was to late, one of my comrands who was a computer geek Pre-Z was able to make a device to keep my team of pre-z's to do the same.

Most of them didn't trust themselves with our human commrands since some of them were married or just in love(blah blah blah) So they would always do their best by keeping their partners armed and far from them as possible.

We find ourself out in a bunker out in the desert and soon see that we were getting a sand storm....then soon realize it wasn't a sand storm but a fast running world of zombies heading our way.

Creepy huh?!


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