January 1, 2010

Weird Nap dream

Okay its 12.32pm, just woke up from a nap and had to share my dream since its still fresh in the back of my mine.

I was shopping at the grocery store with my girls and my brother when this fire alarm going off. All the customers are unsure what is going on and all the employees huddled up in the middle of the store chattering away. I hear one saying a war head was fired by accident and heading to our direction. So still watching them with unsure thoughts running thru their heads I pulled one who dressed like the manager and told him to direct all customers into the basement where their ware house was.(hush its my dream this is what was happening) I then proceded to fill my basket with first aid kits, bottle water, soda, non fridgerated food and had others help me get it down to the people below. After getting all this done, one of my neighbors was joking about how his wife was freaking out and she had dropped her smokes. I explained that we are in store that had everyhthing and I am sure we were not going to get in trouble for taking what is needed to survive. At that time I reached in my pocket and found a pack of smokes and tossed at him.( i know weird!}

A little time has past everyone is locked in and on their phones, pda trying to get info, which is odd cause there isnt showing up about a warhead heading our way, but of an infection of some kind that was killing ppl and bringing them back to life...yah zombies(most of my dreams are 90 percent zombies, so dont laugh at me)

With this being local setting to me most of my friends and neighbors all deemed me leader since I already know about all this stuff and prepared mentally for war on zombies lol. I gather some of the guys to help me "clean Up" the store and find away to lock the front doors to keep unexpected guests out. Some how I have my dog with me Charlie(if you seen pics of him, he is this small wirey hair type dog) he follows me everywhere and lets out a low growl if there is something coming from around the corner. (in real life he would be barking like crazed dog so dont think he will be much of help in real life zombie raid lol)

Weapons...welll like i said its my dream. Me and 3 others had a fully loaded magazine(clip) with a glock(gun) I am asuming these are police issue since my dad was part of the "clean up" crew.

Dream jump, we all had them where its still the same thing going on but "time" has passed. We manage to find a better shelter with all sorts of things to survive with. We have a table with ppl with books as we enter so they can take names of survivors, and log in and out ppl and weapons. This way we keep in track of family and items.

We just got back from a "sweep" when I notice my wedding ring is missing. My brother in law said he had it so I go into his pocket to find a pouch and empty the contents all over the table which had coins, trinkets, rings but not MY RING. People are offering me their rings as a replacement since they know what I had plan to do if I couldnt find it at the shelter. I picked up one ring and as much as it was beautiful (it was kinda bulky with this small pearl that glowed blue and white.) it was not MY RING.

So I proceeded to re-assign my self with more supplies to go back outside to find it. People were screaming at me saying I am not being rational but I was determined to find it.

Then I wake up and find out that the hubby wants to take me out on a date...oh and I still had my wedding ring on my finger lol

sorry for the errors, I just had to write this before I forget it cause i just thought it was really awesome!

Now time to shower and get ready for my date!!


Anonymous said...

90% Zombies that is awesome!

Tara Mac said...

I was anon nnot anymore!

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