January 10, 2010

Coffee is good no matter what time!

So I thought I let everyone know I have let the idea of not being in the army settle in. I am not so dreadful of what the future will hold for us, I know the army will help Matthew find a job and I am going to find something as well. Our W-2 should be available next week and we can get that rapid refund that we can use to move. I am been looking for places and actually warming up to the idea of having a new place. A place where I can decorated and make our own. Just think of all the awesome creative projects I can come up with once we settled.

My store is open so check out the stickers. I already had one order for a sticker and I sold my last zombie extermination pendant. Not sure if I will but shop into vacation mode when we start moving or not but I will keep you all posted.

I am also finishing up my swap for Rhibi for the candy/lolly swap. Yesterday we got bunches of sweets and can't wait for her to receive them. I plan on mailing both her stuff and my etsy order out tomorrow. I will post pics soon of what I made.

Since we finally got our heater working(it kicked the bucket last night) I am going to tackle a few house chores and relax today. Don't plan on going anywhere unless I want a monster.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!


Bumpo said...

liking the positive outlook sug :)

Tara Mac said...

I am glad that you are getting used to the idea. (= Your blog title sure sucked me in. It is 6:49p.m. and I am currently on my 2nd cup of coffee. LOL

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