January 4, 2010


OKAY, I figure I will feel better after I vent, since I sorta feel the pint up anxiety building inside.

We were just informed Matthew my husband(who is in the army) will be leaving from the army Feb 20, 2010...yes you read that right, that is next MONTH!!! If he can not get extended which seems very doubtful at this short notice we got. We have less than 30 days to move out of housing!

We do not have the necessary funds to do this right now, yes I just had a settlement but I used it to pay off debts and so forth. If they give us at least till mid March we will be able to use our tax refund check to move out on.

But after he is out of the army there is no jobs lined up for him, and with my leg/ankle I am unable to stay on my feet for so long.(I tried this when I worked at 7-11 and failed miserably.

You see is unit is suppose to track this type of stuff out at least 160 days prior to his E.T.S date but they didn't. If they did we would of been able to plan more proficiently about the future. This only came to our attention when he went online to see if he was no longer "fenced" so we can change duty stations.

So I am now freaky out cause we both wont have jobs, need a place to live, lose medical and dental, and will be so heartbroken if we have to get rid of our dogs, Charlie is a total mommy dog he doesn't do well with strangers and what if he bites his new owners and they put him to sleep. I am in tears!

I was born into the army, raised army and married twice into the army. As much as I would like to get away from the army, we been very depended on the army.

I know I should stay positive but its very hard to do when there is a tremendous amount of change that is going to happen and I am not ready!


Michelle G said...

oh hon, think postive. I hope you find a new place quickly

Craft-a-licious said...

Wow, that is really short notice! I hope you guys find another place soon.

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