May 22, 2009

Goodie Bag in progress!

Well some of you know I am in the goodie bag swap on I been slowly but surely getting a few things done...I been kinda sick and depressed last week. So I decided to put everything that I made so far together and take pics and share with ya so I can get remotivated to add more awesome things to it. I had recently cleaned out my storage room that had alot of extra goodies that I just randomly pick up at dollar stores to use in future gifts and projects. So Here is what I have right now.

These are my celestial earrings that sorta remind me of comets. :D

My Sweet Pinks dangles :D

Little business card envelope pouch with crazy designs that I did with fabric puff paint along with mine, kiddo's and Tara's business cards :D

A set of bump beads I made. :D


So this is what I have right now, what do you guys think?


Suzanne said...

Looking good so far! I really love the bag! Thanks for including my business card in the card holder! That's a really cool idea! I hand sewed one out of felt once, and may need to try to make another one (or a few). Your swap partner is so lucky!

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