July 7, 2008

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okay this is attempt number 3 on writing on this stupid thing. First time my browser frozed and died and this time my computer wanted to shut down. Lets start again

I got to sleep in 8am usually Emma wakes up at 630-7am. I was glad she let me sleep in. It was long over due. I made me and the girls pancakes, hash browns and bacon for breakfast. We didnt have any syrup so I sprinkled some sugar and cinnomon and it was yummy.

Afterwards me and the girls played till was morning nap time for Emma. Thats when I found out I was asked to write a part in the online magazine Snippets from cutoutandkeep.net. I was excited. I did my research on cleaning tips with non chemicals. It was really fun and I turned in my rough draft.

I woke Emma from her nap and we made nutella sandwiches with cheetos. Not the healthiest lunch but the yummiest. We got all cleaned up and headed to my parents. Matthew was in bed the whole day either sleeping or playing on his computer. Which kinda depressed me cause it seems like every time he does have time off to spend with us he either is hurt or sleeping or distracted with computer things.

Mom and Dad ordered pizza for us for dinner while we were there and on the way home it rained. When we got home Matthew was leaving. Which he had no problem waking up and getting out to shoot pool. o.o'

I put the girls to bed and I made brownies and I made two shrink dink necklaces that turned out great! Look!!This one I drew off by looking at the screen. We dont have a printer so I think I did pretty darn good. I didnt want to waste the left over shrink plastic so I cut them in odd shapes and colored them. Now I have left overs for future projects.

This is a cute kawii kitty that is just on a simple chain. Pur-fect!


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