July 2, 2008

time and time again

Oi, so sorry for the short delay. Not even sure if anyone reads this or not. I am not feeling very well. I am currently running a temp of 100.1. No biggie, I am sure its nothing. Flu probably. I been so tired lately and I seem like I cant shake this stupid headache away. NO I am not pregnant. I been on birth control for a good long time. It just has to be the flu, my body aches so bad. As soon as I am finish with this I am going to take a pm and get to sleep and hope that I feel better in the morning.

Lillian is at mom's tonight. They were trying to get the pool cleaned so it would be ready for swimming tomorrow. Good news my mom's court hearing was settle out of court and she is getting a good sum of money. So that is good news.

Emma was exhausted when we got home. But I made sure she had some grub in her belly before putting her to bed. It was really cute she took her bologna and bit a whole in the middle. She looked through it with one eye at me and I couldn't help but laugh. It was really cute.

For my mom's bday I made her a cute cupcake sewing bag. It was a big hit, she loved it.

She didn't waste no time putting her stuff in the bag. Next I am going to make her a needle wallet to keep all her pins and needles in. I will keep you posted on that. :D

One bad thing about having a husband who has a strong mind and use to taking care of himself, he isn't prone to knowing when his wife is sick or not feeling well. Like today I been hurting and exhausted I come home and he expects me to make dinner and got mad at me cause I didn't take the pizzas out of the oven like he thought I did. The simplest task that I could do on my own just cause my body to shudder with needles cause that is how it felt. I even asked him to take the DVD out of the player when the movie was over and did he...no. His logic was it could stay there till we put another one in. This is really getting to me. I haven't did the dishes since yesterday morning and still he wont help with that. He thinks since he has to work seven days a week he can be except from all duties at home. Yes this is a vent session. I am feeling slightly better for now that its off my mind.

I just need to find a job and get myself feeling like I am independent again cause I miss it. I am going to start putting money away so I have a girls fund for my girls.
So like if its the weekend and there is nothing to do I can be like "GIRLS DAY OUT" and we can go to the movies or to the zoo. So that's the plan. I finished the background check for the PX so I hope I hear something from them soon.

But other than that things are caught up for now. Weather's been hotter than hot. So I guess that's it for now. talk to you all laters.


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