June 29, 2008

One of them days...

Today was one of those unbearable days where you just want it done and gone. We are out of everything and I am thinking of waiting till mid night to see if our paycheck came in and go to the store and get what we need so I can have a warm breakfast for everyone. I do have to admit it, I did good on stretching on what we had left.

Lillian had stayed the night at her friend's house and when she got home my brother took her and Emma to moms to go swimming. Which helped me get the house clean and got some quiet time. I even got some ingredient together and made sugar cookies.
I wish Matt was in a better mood. I let him sleep till noon and then he took a nap at 130 till 5pm. I should of let him sleep cause he was really unbearable to hang around. He didn't have any patience with me or the girls and got mad cause He had to do the kitchen. Which I had started and I needed him to finish cause he's been telling me for the past couple of days he would do it. I hate talking to him when he is cranky and short tempered. So I ignored him the rest of the evening and eventually he went back to the room and I am guessing he is asleep. I really hate it when he acts that way but if he is like that all the time there is no way in heck I will stay around so its a good thing its just once in awhile he is like that.

I am hoping I get a job soon, I am sure that will relieve some stress. I am looking around for another place to live, our lease will be up in August and I need to find something that isn't going to cost us more than we are supposedly "saving". I am considering on Copperas Cove, some of the places there are actual houses and the same price we pay a month. It would be close to Fort Hood and it will benefit Matt going to work and When I get a job on post it would be easier.
I am just unsure of the safety, crime rate, and schools there. I am not really to familiar where some streets are.

But any who I did may a cute little wallet. :D

I think I did a good job with doing the pattern myself and using red felt and scrap fabric. I might be adding a little bit of embellishment. But not bad. Also Charlie did a good job being the background model dontcha agree. lol. Well I think thats it for now. Its after 10pm and its nice and quiet. I think I will make me some coffee to keep myself awake for my little mission tonight :D Later gaters.


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